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Lady Nina

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Lady Nina Berlin brothel

The luxury Lady Nina Berlin brothel represents the extraordinary, the spectacular and the best in eroticism. The Lady Nina brothel is the most exclusive and exquisite 5-star nightclub in West Berlin. In the Lady Nina brothel you can enjoy yourself as a guest of honor in a world of thrilling eroticism and electrifying excitement. The women of the Lady Nina brothel are sexy and want to show you the most exciting sides of Berlin.

Lady Nina brothel a Berlin night club

With Lady nina the evening atmosphere of a Berlin can inspire you to special and hot moments. In Lady Nina brothel feel comfortable and let yourself go. The brothel will transport you to a world of luxury and passion. In the brothel, celebrate hot and decadent nights in one of the best clubs in Germany.

Lady-Nina Berlin brothel sex pleasure and party

Before telling you about the visit of the Nina club you should know that in Berlin you can find more than 7 brothels. The most popular are the Artemis and the Aston which offer quality services. Other clubs like the King George and the Royal Girl are more intimate.
The Lady Nina club is an old elegant building and under the bell, a shield decorated with gold. Many men know this address. Behind the heavy red curtains on the second floor is probably the most noble private club in Berlin.

Lady Nina a woman with long black hair that falls on her shoulder. Smiling, Lady Nina welcomes us to her mysterious establishment. For the first time, she gives the journalists a glimpse of her empire. Old furniture, dark wood, red carpets and golden lamps create a sober atmosphere. A bit like in an old castle. “Our guests should be able to relax in an elegant atmosphere,” she says. “Take a good look around.”

For over 30 years, she and her daughters have hosted mostly upper-class guests. Even celebrities? “I don’t talk about that,” she says, charming but determined. She reveals only: “Sometimes women come too. They tell me afterwards that they just wanted to take a look at the brothel. That always makes me happy.

Lady Nina is not just a cool businesswoman. She takes care of her daughters, helps neighbors and people in need.