Garten Eden

Garten Eden

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Garten Eden Würtzbourg brothel

Garten Eden brothel (Garden of Eden) a sauna and disco concept. The brothel is located in a detached house with an atmosphere of the 70s. The sauna club Eden offers as wellness facilities a sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi and a garden with terrace and pool. From 8 p.m. onwards the brothel becomes a bar, and so the entrance is naturally free of charge, but drinks are charged and the prices of the services are slightly higher. The girls at the Eden sauna club wear light clothes and like to be invited to a cocktail party.

Sauna Club Eden or Garten Eden brothel

Garten Eden brothel you can indulge in pleasure and long conversations with the girls of the club, which can at any time turn into a highlight in a room. Desires can be defined, personalized and realized in agreement with the girls of the brothel. At the Fkk Garten Eden is an outdoor area is available and in the summer it is absolutely necessary to use the pool to swim in good company. In this brothel the pleasure of the body and the relaxation of the mind is very important. This brothel is quiet and peaceful.

Wurtzbourg brothel informations

In Wursburg is the most extraordinary baroque palace of one of the most brilliant royal courts in Europe. Balthasar Neumann, whose likeness always appeared on the 50 DM banknotes of the last rented series, played an important role in this magnificent building and in other buildings in Würzburg. You can also find another well-known nightclub in this city. The Fkk sauna club Viva a place to party with girls but also a place to make saunas and jacuzzi.