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The nightlife is something that undeniably attracts us. It’s stronger than us, Parisians. We like to go out, to party, to meet new people and above all, to regret the next day because of a hangover. However, there is an equally obscure activity, also from the middle of the night (or even the day for the initiated), which provokes the same sensations and even more and which does not pose the problem of the famous hangover of the following day (or almost). This outing, French specialty par excellence, categorized by the reactionaries, adored by its members, is France strip club.

How to go to a french strip club

Going to a french strip club can be an exciting way to spend an evening with friends. The dancers are beautiful, the atmosphere is cheerful and the drinks flow freely. If you are new to strip clubs or have only visited a few times, it may seem like a strange or stressful experience. However, it doesn’t have to be. After the bouncer lets you in, order yourself a drink and have fun! Make sure you have a safe way to get home if you choose to drink and show respect and courtesy to the bouncers, bartenders and dancers. Going to a strip club should be fun and if you follow basic etiquette, you should have no problem.

French strip club enter

Make sure you have your wallet and your ID card. You will need to provide proof of your identity to enter a strip club. You will also need money for tips. Be sure to keep your ID and wallet so you can enter the club, tip, buy drinks and pay for parking, if necessary. Most strip clubs have ATMs inside, but you may be charged if you use them. Withdraw the money you need in advance so you don’t have to pay to use the ATM.

Ask the bouncer if strip club has a dress code. Some strip clubs have specific policies about what you must wear to enter. For example, they may not allow white shoes, large gold chains or tank tops.
Generally, a polo shirt and jeans will do, but some clubs may have a different dress code.

Tip: Call strip club or check their website ahead of time to see if they have a dress code.

Ask bouncer if there is an entrance fee. Before you enter a strip club, you need to know whether or not you have to pay a fee. Ask the security guard or bouncer standing at the front door if there is a fee or a minimum number of drinks you must purchase before entering the club.
You may only have to pay the entrance fee in cash, so be sure to carry at least 20 euros in cash.

Show your ID to bouncer. At the entrance to the strip club, a bouncer will be checking in and out. Show your ID to the bouncer so that he or she can make sure you are old enough to enter. If the strip club has an entrance fee, pay that to the bouncer to let you in.
You can use your passport, official government ID or driver’s license to provide the bouncer with proof of your identity.

Order a drink to the bar when you enter strip club. Drinks at strip clubs are often overpriced, but that’s how the club makes a lot of money because the dancers are often contract employees. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, when you enter the club, head to the bar and order a drink to show that you plan to be a good customer [5] .
If you don’t plan to drink alcohol, order a non-alcoholic cocktail such as cranberry juice with soda and a lime.
Most strip clubs have a minimum number of drinks you must have or require you to order a drink every thirty minutes in order to stay in the club.

Cheak for seating for you and your group. After ordering a drink, look for a table or seating area where you can relax. Do not sit next to the stage unless you plan to constantly tip the dancers . Make sure everyone in your group knows where the lounge area or table is so they can find you if they get separated because of a private dance or bar crawl.

Strip club rules respect

Read posted conduct rules. Strip club rules and instructions can considerably change, especially regarding things like touching and tipping. Look for a sign on the wall that lists the club’s rules or ask a staff member or risk being kicked out of the club for breaking a rule. In some cities, for example, you cannot tip dancers while they are on stage. You are supposed to do this later.

Don’t be afraid to say no to a stripper or to your friends. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t want to spend money on a private dance, or don’t want to order a drink from a dancer, it’s okay to say no. Don’t apologize or feel pressured to give in. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Don’t feel the need to give in to pressure from your friends if they try to get you to do something you are not comfortable with.
Don’t be rude or ignore them. Just say “no thanks”.

Ask for the price before accepting anything. To avoid being lured into expensive dances, drinks, or promotions, you should ask about the price of a service beforehand. Don’t wait until after a private dance to discuss the price, otherwise the dancers may overcharge you. For example, if a stripper offers to give you a private dance in a VIP room, you might say something like, “That sounds like fun! So how much should I pay for this dance?”

Respect barmans, bouncers and dancers. Strippers are human beings who deserve respect just like everyone else. Do not be rude, dismissive or insulting to anyone who works in the strip club. Do not ask for a stripper’s phone number or ask her out on a date. If a dancer refuses your request or turns her back on you, don’t be offended or chase her. Some dancers like to work in a strip club. Don’t try to talk them out of it or cause them to lose their job.

Never ask strippers real names. Most strippers have created another persona of themselves for the strip club and prefer to keep their lives and information private. Do not be rude or insist on getting their names or information about their lives outside the strip club. Respect the dancers’ wishes. If they say they don’t want to do something, don’t insist or get upset.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. Getting drunk is never a better option, even in a strip club where drinks are served and you are encouraged to get wasted. It’s also risky to get so drunk that you don’t know where you are, make bad decisions and spend too much money.

Park in a safe place if you have a way to get around. Some strip clubs have secure private parking. If you go to a strip club at night, make sure you park in a nearby, visible area so you can safely return to your car. Bandits may think you have money on you if you leave a strip club. Protect yourself and park in a visible location close to the bouncers or the club.

Designate driver if you plan to drink. Many people go to a strip club to relax and have fun. Drinking alcohol is often part of the activities at these clubs. If you are planning to drink and have driven to the club, make sure you have someone sober to drive you home when you are ready to go.