Brothels rules

Brothels rules

Brothel rules and conduct

brothel is the envy of many men. More and more dare to visit and describe the place as a little paradise, to forget the world, the bustle and the worries. If you are lucky, you will find a selection of 60 to 80 lively and charming girls, who know very few taboos and are always ready to spend wonderful moments with you. Newcomers who want to go to a brothel for the first time wonder if there are any rules to consider.

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Brothel arrival informations

First of all, of course, each house has its own rules to follow. In most cases, the receptionist informs the new guest about the habits of the house.
The standard rules that we have briefly listed apply in almost every house. The first thing you notice is the clothes. In the brothel, men usually wear bathrobes and slippers. If you come more often, you can bring your own robe. Otherwise, these clothes are provided directly by the sauna club (included in the entrance fee). Everyday clothes can be stored directly in a lockable personal locker.

Brothels mobile prohibited

For anyone, smartphone is more important than anything else. In a brothel Fkk mobiles are not allowed and must be stored in a locker with those personal clothes. This basically applies to all other devices with which photos or movies can be made. These are considered forbidden in most Fkk. Fun and discretion are of the utmost importance. Cell phones and cameras, on the other hand, are taboo.

Cleanliness in a brothel

In a Fkk brothel hygiene is particularly followed. Those who come to a brothel directly after work must take a shower before entering. Hygiene also applies to the clothes under the bathrobe. These should be clean and have been changed beforehand. The guest must appear well groomed. Sloppy people are usually rejected. It is also expected that the visitor of a brothel should be sober. The management of a brothel may refuse entry to any individual in an advanced state of alcoholism.

Security in a brothel

If you have a gun license, these are either in the car (if legally allowed) or to be deposited separately in the fkk. Please note that the operator has the rights to the accommodation and that (small) weapons licenses are not valid in this case. The same applies to knives and other edged weapons.

Girls in a brothel

The treatment of women is very important in an Fkk. Brothel law is evolving and the client is expected to behave respectfully towards the girls in a Fkk. Disrespectful behavior is not tolerated in any brothel.
The first point of contact with a girl is usually the bar with the lounge. Here, it is advisable to address the desired lady and invite her for a drink. In reputable Fkk brothels, the ladies refrain from deciding. This allows the visitor to make a decision calmly for a lady of his choice (or even several …)

sex with a brothel's girl

Most ladies face a sexual adventure in the private rooms. However, sexual contact in the pool or sauna should be avoided. The prices for intimate contact are the same for all ladies, this also applies to the time unit. If special requests are required, this should be discussed with the girl beforehand. This could result in additional costs. The behavior after the adventure is particularly important. In general, if the common game has fallen, a tip should be given, which can be given at the beginning (as an incentive).

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