JFK sex and drugs

JFK sex and drugs

JFK a sex addict president

It is said that the president would suffer from headaches if he did not have sex at least once a day. At least that’s what he told British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. He also frequently used prostitutes, which often put his personal protection at risk. The women he had sex with were all unknown and had no national security clearance. The same was true for his hotel rooms and apartments.

Relationships with the noble prostitutes Judith Campbell, Susy Chang and Ellen Rometsch were particularly risky for the president. On the other hand, at this time JFK is not the only one to be “boarder line” Campbell is also a playmate with various mafia bosses. Chang has a relationship with Christine Keeler, whose double affair with British Secretary of Defense John Profumo and the Soviet Marineattache in London led to the fall of the Macmillan government. Rometsch, who had fled the GDR, was suspected of being a Soviet spy and, at the instigation of Robert Kennedy, was deported to the Federal Republic of Germany without much ado.

The FBI is watching all three of them, along with their chief, J. Edgar Hoover, who since the 1940s has been gathering incriminating information, gossip about the Kennedys and all the powerful people in the country, holding the president in his hands. The opposition also got wind of various affairs. But in these years of pervasive double standards, a discreet phone call from the Attorney General is often enough, for there are elements to convince the Republicans to agree on secrecy.

That the “god” Kennedy was not a great lover goes without saying. It is said that the president’s sexual relations are unsatisfactory: “He goes too fast and falls asleep immediately afterwards.” The 1960s are the subject of countless trials of women. The clitoris is an almost unknown organ, the prelude is not for real men. A doctor advises Jacky to talk to her husband about her sexual needs. The president seems disturbed by this situation. In the circle of his Irish companions, he now calls her “the sex symbol.

Kennedy, after sex, drugs

It’s not just Kennedy’s stories about women that inspire the public to create a perfect family life. The iconic Jacqueline and the athletic president seem to embody the American dream in a truly exemplary way, but the release of his medical records reveals a seriously ill man who is extremely dependent on medication. Since his teens, he has suffered from Addison’s disease, an adrenal insufficiency that is fatal without treatment and leads to a loss of motivation and “tanned skin.” Kennedy must constantly take cortisone for the never recognized Addison’s disease. The “tanned skin” is emitted as a sports tan. In addition, Kennedy suffers from a softening of the spine, probably due to the cortisone treatment. Despite several interventions, he suffers from constant, sometimes unbearable back pain.

He also receives regular injections of codeine and procaine from his personal physician Janet Travell, as well as various medications for his irritable bowel, antibiotics for a chronic urinary tract infection, likely the result of a sexually transmitted disease, testosterone for weight loss, and Ritalin as a sleeping pill.

To combat the fatigue and lack of energy caused by Addison’s disease and narcotics, the president enlists the services of Max Jacobson, known in celebrity circles as “Dr. Feelgood,” and injects the president with a combination of amphetamines and other unspecified substances. Official White House doctors warn the president about Jacobson’s drug cocktails, but the president dismisses their concerns: “I don’t care if it’s piss. It works… “

Kennedy a president loved around the world

No doubt about it… Today, in the age of complete pre-screening of all candidates, feminism and prudery, a John F. Kennedy could never become president.

Bill Clinton was caught in a vortex of impeachment because of one case, the “Monica Lewinski” case. Because of this affair, President Clinton had to publicly answer questions about stains on a blue dress. Kennedy would never have thought this possible. Yet, according to regular opinion polls, Kennedy is still considered one of the great presidents, along with the nation’s founder, George Washington, the nation’s savior Abraham Lincoln and the nation’s reformer, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Around the world, “Jack and Jackie” have become icons of the American century.