Brothel sexual practices

Brothel sexual practices

Brothel blow job pratices conditions and informations

For every man, a blow job is a real pleasure. Whether as foreplay or to mark the end of an act this practice is appreciated by men. Fellatio is the best way to simply stimulate the other and bring him to orgasm. In fkk brothels fellatio practiced by the girls is not done until the end, but only serves as a preliminary. In a brothel fkk, this technique can be particularly exciting. In general, fellatio is perceived as very intense and performed without a condom in a large number of brothels fkk.

However, this has changed since 2016 with a new law that allows sex trafficking for pay only with a condom. The hygiene regulations of brothels have changed and this must be stipulated in the general conditions of the site but also verbally by the hostess. As a result, sex and fellatio must be protected, so a condom must be used.

Brothel blow job common practice

Many men find this sex game particularly exciting and often even more beautiful and intense than pure intercourse. Most women today offer it without a condom, however, there are still ladies who insist on a rubber. For the man, of course, this achievement is one of the greatest desires. In a fkk brothel, women usually indicate how far they will go before fellatio. Recently, men like the practice known as deep throat. In this fellatio, the penis is inserted completely into the woman’s throat. What is a sweet dream for men is often a great challenge for the ladies. The girls in the fkk brothels are not averse to this practice, but they must be informed beforehand.

Brothel blow job visual practice

In blow job, intense eye contact is very important to many men and they appreciate the direct and lustful look. For almost all men, eye contact with fellatio is an absolute must. The length depends on many details. Some men prefer a short game or use as a prelude to other techniques. Some are so well trained that they enjoy the blowjob for several minutes, excited and delay again and again…

Deep throat practiced in a brothel

In the past, oral sex was one of the most intimate practices. Oral sex has always taken place only when the two partners already knew each other. But recently this practice is democratized. By the way, the most famous oral sex was related to the American president. We remember the intern Monica Lewinsky with Bill Clinton. Since this practice has been democratized, the so-called “deep throat” felation is in vogue.

The practice of deep throat fellatio is the dream of all men. No man wants to miss this fellatio. The classic “Deep Throat” is also increasingly discussed in porn videos. Deep Throat is easy and effortless for the man on the other hand, for the woman it is a technique that seems irresponsible and a complete challenge that often requires some practice.

Deep throat sexist practice in a brothel

Only with practice does deep throat fellatio work well without side effects. Women who use this technique for the first time often complain of pain, nausea or, even worse, choking. Not a pretty sight…

Deep throat fellatio can be easily managed. Choking feelings are not uncommon at first, but can certainly be avoided. First of all, this technique is equivalent to placing a finger in the back of the mouth which many women use in anorexia. Now, it is understandable that a deep throat requires some practice beforehand, so that it does not cause this side effect. Under no circumstances should deep throat be a must. Only if it is done voluntarily and without pressure can this type of fellatio be really successful.

Deep throat blow job must be couple consented

What surprises some men is often normal. Even if the deep throat is perfectly controlled, it can result in tears. This is a completely normal process and nothing negative. For many men, it is even particularly exciting. Thus, deep throat becomes a playful power play. As with normal oral sex, the intense eye contact, which he especially likes, is very important. If she even starts to cry, her agitation increases enormously. It should never be forgotten that deep throat fellatio is not a high level sport and what we often see in sex videos does not correspond to the reality under normal conditions. Only when deepthroat is practiced very slowly and in a relaxed atmosphere, she can enjoy this technique during oral sex.