Escorte girl

Escorte girl

Escort girl agencies and sex ads

Escorts differ in some basic things from prostitutes, but there are also similarities. Despite the current economic crisis, the escort industry has experienced solid growth for several years. The legal basis of escort services and the growing popularity of escorts can now be examined.

Escorte girl a good business

Escorts are usually much more expensive than a visit to a brothel. However, it should be remembered that the rich have always had more than enough money and that the number of rich people in Europe is even continuing to grow, although the gap between rich and poor is becoming wider and wider.

So escorts and escort services are far from being hit hard by the economic crisis since 2008 unlike brothels, sauna clubs, Fkk and swingers clubs.
If you want to compare the escort service to the economy as a whole, you can do so by taking the example of the luxury market. The luxury segment of the consumer goods market has continued to grow steadily even though the purchasing power of consumers has decreased. Unlike in the past, when booking an escort was almost exclusively reserved for the wealthy, the middle class population is increasingly being offered the services of an escort girl for a short stay. The entry level services offered by escorts are growing and for the last 5 years the prices of these services have dropped making this practice affordable for a large clientele.

Escorte girl advantages and drawbacks

The first obvious drawback of escorts is their relatively high price. However, since escort services live off their good reputation and seriousness, you will also be offered a professional service in most cases. Although nothing is guaranteed, sex is often involved and often happens in this type of practice. As a rule, escorts and clients prefer the services offered by the agencies to the classic practices of brothels and other types of Fkk.

However, this personal level can also become a problem. The anonymity of the escorts is much less important, both for the service providers and for the clients (or customers). Ultimately, this facilitates blackmail, in the “worst” case. In addition, not only a sexual relationship, but in some cases, an emotional relationship develops between people.

If you don’t keep a cool head, you will end up becoming a poor client with a broken heart because you will seek contact with the escort too often without a return of affection from her.

How to find an escort

In the big business of “hired” women, agencies especially benefit. Agencies usually do not pay the women themselves but provide them with invoices for job brokerage and planning. Reputable providers can draw on hundreds of candidates. As a private provider, you often have a hard time getting your name out there. You can earn more, but you have to handle everything personally and assume a higher cost risk.

Agencies score with their reputation and are well connected to each other. If an escort pulls her pin out of the game, it can be deduced that the woman in question will hardly find a refuge in another agency. So far, there have been no court cases about escort agencies, although this practice is tendentious. But if such a case were to happen, the clients would risk losing their “reputation” as high profile personalities within their community.

Escort girl brothel or Fkk

The best way to know if an escort service is more qualitative than a classic brothel system is to make your own opinion by offering the services offered by these agencies. With costs ranging from 250 to 300 euros you should expect a very special evening and completely different to a trip to a Fkk. With the facts presented here, you should have enough basic knowledge to make it an exciting experience.

Germany escorte girl legal status

An escort service is absolutely legal according to the current German law. Since 01.07.2017 and the amendment of the prostitution law, escorts are obliged to register as sex workers and to undergo a medical consultation before they can act as an escort. It does not matter if you do the work yourself or through an agency. In addition to health advice, the application includes a personal interview and the presentation of official identification to verify identity. The official registration guarantees the voluntary exercise of the activity as a sex worker. A few days after registration, escorts receive a passport that can be issued to a pseudonym upon request. This badge must be worn at work.

By registering as a sex worker, the data is also transmitted internally to the tax office. The escort service providers must therefore necessarily tax the corresponding income. Independent escort ladies are liable for VAT as a small business owner, however, tax payment is only due for an amount of 17,500 euros per calendar year; additional information can be provided by the tax office, tax advisor or clerk upon registration as a sex worker.