RedTube free porn videos make a place for themselves

Five years ago, tens of thousands of users of the porn platform Redtube received suspicious warnings. The judiciary ordered house searches.

The case surrounding the warnings against alleged users of the porn platform Redtube is legally far from over.

Even with the film rights, there were doubts about the origin of the videos provided by the RedTube platform: it turned out that the six warned pornos were mostly from films produced by couples in the US. The covers of the films attached to the district court petitions were also forgeries. And the barcodes on the films did not match, but that was not the case with the porn DVD covers.

A software program called “GAD II” was supposed to prove that a user had watched porn videos offered by the porn platform Redtube. On the site, an explicit mention of the downloads was available but nothing concerning the streaming. The court therefore made sure that “the IP address of the downloading computer is correctly registered.

When it became clear that the Redtube warnings could possibly constitute illegal requests, the bank still tried to block the account.

However, to date everything seems to be back to normal and RedTube seems to be a popular porn video platform like any other.

It is still advisable to have a good antivirus to visit this type of platform.