Man and sex

Man and sex

What every woman should know about men's sexuality

There are a lot of stereotypes out there and many are absurd and detrimental to our relationships. Women can’t park, men are all about sex and blah blah blah.
In recent years many experts and have looked into the issue but in the end men all want the same thing. A deep love, a connection and a fulfilling sexuality. Nevertheless, there are some differences between the sexes. It is these differences that often lead to a lot of frustration, conflict and misunderstanding in relationships.

It is hardly possible to write about men and women without touching some people’s egos. In this article, you will learn three things that apply to almost all men when it comes to sex. I hope they will help you understand men a little better.

Why men repress their feelings

Although change is slow, many men still repress their feelings. This is mainly due to the fact that men have a poor image of masculinity. Most men believe that they should always be sovereign, strong and independent, but this limiting caricature of masculinity has several causes.

Education is one of the reasons why men love sex so much

While girls are allowed to feel and express any emotion, boys are taught to suppress their feelings from an early age. For example, almost every boy has heard the phrase “A man does not know pain, a man does not cry…”

Reasons why men hide their feelings

Many boys grow up without a father (or the father is characterized by his absence). In addition, most pediatricians or preschool teachers are women. As a result, many boys have little contact with men at a young age, but this is extremely important for their development. In addition, many men are afraid of nudity and the comparisons that can be made between them. We can notice much more female presence on nudist beaches than male presence.

Movies industry influenace in the sex

Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne or James Bond are role models for many young people. But none of these movie heroes are known for their ability to handle their emotions. All this leads many men to suppress their feelings and hide their problems, but a man can be very emotional. One does not distinguish the other, on the contrary…

Why never call a man a loser

What is the worst thing you can say to a man?
Most certainly that he is a loser!
Many men are judged by what they have achieved: their social prestige, their work, their muscular body. That’s why men often invest a lot of energy, emotions and time to achieve these goals. They want to accomplish something by themselves.

Women want to feel loved, men want confirmation of what they have accomplished. Don’t get me wrong! Of course, every human being desires love and every individual seeks confirmation in return. But while the former is often more important to women, the latter is usually more important to men. So a lot of what men do is geared towards affirmation of others. An expensive watch, an expensive sports car, a pretty girlfriend etc…

Why sex is so important for men

It is absurd to think that men always think about sex because many people (men, women) like sex but often men seem to give more importance to sex than women.

Many men still think that they are only a “real man” if they succeed in seducing women. For many men sex is not only a physical pleasure but also a confirmation of their sexuality (I am a man”.

If a man has a lot of sex with women he will have an image of a cool guy and recognition by his peers. On the other hand, if a woman sleeps with a lot of men, she will be judged as a naughty or easy girl. (Fortunately, society is slowly starting to rethink these conceptions.

Another reason sex is so important to many men is that in these intimate moments of physical closeness men dare to allow tenderness and closeness. As described above, many men still have a distorted image of masculinity. As a result, many men confuse things like tenderness, feelings and closeness with weakness. Many men therefore do not allow themselves to be tender and emotionally open except during sex, when a special closeness is created.

This is why men like sex so much…

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