Woman in bed

Woman in bed

What women really want in bed

Of course, every woman’s body works a little differently than men, but most women share some basic sexual preferences. And that …

Women like sex if it’s done with love but the problem is that it’s all about definition. After all, every woman is as unique as her erotic preferences. But what concrete techniques to use to best satisfy her partner to achieve sexual ecstasy. Surveys have repeatedly shown that many women share the same basic sexual desires regardless of their preferences. With the following five tips you will probably hit the nail on the head…

Getting out of the sexual routine

Many women want more dominance from their partner. In everyday life, women are often organizational artists who constantly control everything for the sake of the couple – that’s why when you kiss your partner, press her against a wall, test a tap on her buttocks during sex and take it a little harder. But be careful not to overdo it! Your reaction will show if the direction is right and if you can continue. To avoid crises in the couple get off the beaten track.

No matter where you have sex, be spontaneous

You can have the best sex of your life in the bedroom on the living room couch, however, many women find it especially exciting when men spontaneously suggest other unusual or public places. Whether it’s a simple, intimate embrace in the pedestrian zone, a little interlude in the locker room or wandering around the movie theater, the more you spice things up, the better it will be for your relationship.

Don't be too quick and take your time

Stumble upon each other by chance… Many women love this situation, however, a quick “one shot” of passionate sex should only reflect a part of the sexual repertoire, as some times the experience lasts longer than expected. Some women find it difficult to flip the sexual switch in a second. From time to time, give yourself long foreplay and involve your whole body in the process. This will increase your desire slowly but effectively.

Sex toys in sexual relationships

Women do not necessarily reach orgasm during penetrative sex. Most of the time women only function through clitoral or anal stimulation. Of course, men can bring their partners to orgasm with accompanying manual labor, but some toys, such as a vibrator, offer them a more intense experience through constant stimulation. Studies have shown that women are more likely to reach “the g-spot” with the inclusion of sex toys.

Be natural during sex

Every woman is unique and looking for a shared and intense sexual relationship. Some guides and aids such as the Semitix blog can provide you with some solutions but it is not by learning them by heart and applying them to the letter that you will achieve a fulfilling sexual relationship. You’ll need to identify exactly what areas she’s responding to and intensify or reduce the stimuli accordingly. When in doubt, simply ask her what she likes and what she wants to do.