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Dating websites

Best dating websites

There are a lot of dating apps for finding love or just for sex. Whether it’s Tinder, Badoo, Lovoo, Jaumo or the apps from Parship, LoveScout24 or Elitepartner. What do the little digital jokers offer? What free apps are available and what is the specificity of each provider? All the information can be found in our “dating apps comparison”.

Dating websites to find love

A look around the pedestrian zone proves that people today would be as lost without smart phones but especially without applications. The guy in front of the Saturn window checks if he gets the new Sony TV somewhere else cheaper. The old lady across the street checks the weather and is already looking for the umbrella. The group of girls is chatting at the train station, looking for the best home connection and ordering a pizza at the same time. Applications accompany us in our daily lives.

It was only a matter of time before the arrival of digital companions for flirting, dating, sex and love. But for now, escort girl sites could be a solution.

Let’s take a look at the most popular apps in the great “dating app comparison”. We’ve looked at “pure” dating apps such as Tinder, Badoo, Lovoo and Co. but also those of the larger dating sites. Some of the most popular services here are from LoveScout24 and Elitepartner. Let’s go and apply for it…

The community of people looking for love through dating sites is growing but is not equal to the number of people who watch free online porn sites. In both cases we can talk about cyber relationship…
It could be the same on the question of the appearance of sex toys in the life of couple but that is another debate.

So… How to go from virtual to real is the question…

Dating smartphone app to find love

After the already successful websites in the dating field, apps were developed as an additional offer but for members only.

Apps like Parship, LoveScout24 or eDarling, in contrast to pure app providers, offer scientific matching, audited member profiles, advice areas and high data security. Of course, such a service offer costs something. In vain, however, it is worthwhile to take an in-depth look.

True love with a smartphone app

If you are looking for love through an app or site from your computer or smartphone then you are in good hands with a broker like Parship, Elitepartner or eDarling. Unlike pure dating apps, you are charged a monthly subscription fee – at least if you want to use the full range and all the features. But the service at the providers is capitalized. In addition, you benefit from matching procedures, suggestions for selected partners, extensive advice areas and services that are perfectly tailored to your interests.

If you are looking for a partner for life via a dating app, you have a good chance of finding your better half on this page. According to a large study conducted on marriage, 18% of married people said they met their spouse via a dating app or broker.

Meet someone by an app

the dating site LoveScout24 could be something for you. Here you can find flirting singles 24 hours a day, which you can sort in the “Date-Roll” or hit immediately with the radius search “Around me”. Whether you find a flirt or a love in the huge community depends on you.

On the application page stands out in particular Tinder. It is mainly about the quick placement of spontaneous dates. Proposals are limited exclusively to large photos and short profile statements, the look here is in the foreground. Tinder also has a reputation for being a platform for quick bedtime stories. If you think Tinder is purely a sexual mediation, you are wrong about the world’s most popular dating app. Here you can get to know not only hot flirts, but also holiday acquaintances, party people and real friends, depending on your desires.

However, if you want to tackle the game a little more, you should get the candidate application and bomb.

The providers with many O’s (Badoo, Lovoo, Jaumo, Twoo and Zoosk) are mainly flirting apps. Again, it is important to get to know new people. Gimmicks such as Lovoo’s “live radar”, Twoo’s little introduction games and Zoosk’s “Flirt Carousel” and “Smart Date” functions add variety.

All applications follow the so-called freemium principle, according to which all basic functions are free. If you want to search for one or more functions, you have to pay.

Which dating app to choose?

Basically, there is the right application for every taste, budget and need, even for you. So, before you sign up, survey and flirt, you should ask yourself what exactly you are looking for and how much you want to invest in it

Parship App serious dating simple and safe

Parship, the dating site by affinity

With 5 million members, Parship is considered to be the largest brokerage event in Germany. If you are looking for a fling the site and app are out of place. With Parship every minute a person should fall in love and register.

The app for iPhone and android devices offers in a light version all the features and applications that are also available on the homepage. Here you will find all news, partner suggestions and previous contacts at a glance. Via the app, the user can not only send “smiles”, but also start to search and search individually for suitable partners.

Thanks to the push notification and the very large photo view, flirting is really fun. As with most reputable dating agencies, the full package requires a premium membership. The registration costs nothing, but who really wants to find true love can sometimes invest something.

Elite Rencontre dating site to find love

Elite Dating site to find love

Similar to Parship, EliteRencontre is dedicated to finding true love. However, there is one big difference between the 2 online dating giants. EliteRencontre targets a specific group of members that match your criteria: academics and high profile singles. Here, students and members with good incomes have little chance of meeting while holding hands in Monte Carlo on a boat to enjoy the sunset.

The EliteRencontre application includes basic functions such as reading and sending messages, viewing partner suggestions and editing profile information.

EliteRencontre also offers a search for nearby singles within a defined radius. You also have access to all the content of the site wherever you are. Of course, such a service is not free, but true love is priceless.

Lovescout24 becomes Meetic in the French version

Lovescout24 more than one million singles online

LoveScout24 is a German website whose French version has been taken over by the giant Meetic group. Nevertheless Semitix wanted to present you the basic functions of this site which was absorbed by the market leader in France.

LoveScout24 is a bit more flexible than Parship and its elite partners who are dedicated to finding your soul mate. Like any dating site, members want to meet new people. The online dating site LoveScout24 has developed an application that is easy to compare with Tinder. The “Date-Roll” function, for example, works according to the principle of Tinder: Profiles matching the user are sorted with the buttons “Yes”, “Maybe” or “Next”

In no time one can take or throw away. The geolocation search “Around me” shows the profile of singles in your vicinity which is very reminiscent of the “live radar” of Lovoo (more on this later). In addition, LoveScout24 offers its members all the features available for discreet use: sending messages and “smiles”, scouring profiles, individual search and filtering of singles as well as navigation to LoveScout24 events.

If you want to use LoveScout24 completely, you can’t avoid a premium membership.

eDarling make serious meetings to find love

eDarling serious dating to find love

Although eDarling has not been around as long as Parship, Elitepartner or LoveScout24, the Berlin-based company is now one of the most prestigious dating agencies in Germany. EDarling also focuses on the mediation of a great love. However, the premium subscription to eDarling costs a little less than Parship.

In addition, eDarling accompanies its members from A to Z: The multi-level process of getting to know each other and registering is particularly suitable for shy singles. The eDarling application is limited but offers all the basic features compared to the desktop version. This includes reading and sending messages, viewing partner suggestions and profile visitors, and uploading photos directly from your smartphone. Among the highlights is certainly the “What if” feature, in which eDarling but its algorithms for the benefit of candidates who would most certainly have fallen into oblivion. Thus, you can finally get to know singles who match your desired profile.

Tinder check out chat meet new people

Tinder mate chat flirt

People interested in dating apps won’t miss Tinder. Like all good social networking phenomena, the success of the flirting app started on an American campus in Southern California and then spread like wildfire all over the world to become the leader of dating apps.

The recipe for success is simple and ingenious because Tinder is essentially limited to the physical. The user is shown photos of registered members in the neighborhood. If the profile does not suit you, you can delete the photo by clicking on the left. On the other hand, if you like the profile, you slider to the right. If two people are slid to the right simultaneously, this is called “a match!

Thanks to the match you will have the possibility to chat and maybe even flirt without constraint. By focusing on the geo-location of singles, Tinder is considered a great way to boost close relationships.

Tinder is even used to shoot short porn videos for the internet. For casual encounters in bars, pubs, nightclubs and restaurants the flirt application is equally suitable.

If you like your data, you should know that you can only register with a valid Facebook profile. Facebook data and photos are therefore directly linked to Tinder. The Big Data Eye from the US is a huge market. Tinder is currently undergoing changes in terms of cost. The basic functions are still free, however, more and more additional functions are provided step by step, for which a fee is charged. The costs vary depending on the operating system and the age of the user. In the long run, this could lead to many Facebook users resetting their date of birth so they don’t have to pay.

The additional paid features of the “Tinder Plus” package provide a manual location entry for flirting while on vacation but also an “undo” function that can be used to correct “distress” into “hotness.” In addition, with “Tinder Plus”, you will receive a free 30-minute boost once a week. As a result, your own profile will be displayed as a preferred contact nearby. Whether Tinder will continue to offer the basic features for free in the future remains to be seen.

The additional feature “Super-Like” can only be used by users in free functions once a day.

Plus: If Tinder has become too much fun, you should take a look at the dating app “Once”. Here the user is introduced to only one person per day. This may be a bit small compared to Tinder, but the candidate has been carefully selected using algorithms and matching techniques, just like a reputable broker.

Badoo meet new people

Badoo rencontrez plus de 3.5 millions de celibataires

L’application de flirt Badoo est née en 2006 en Russie. Avec plus de 422 millions d’inscrit l’application de rencontres est aujourd’hui l’un des plus importants du marché. Badoo a la réputation de servir de plate-forme à un nombre relativement important de faux profils. Pourquoi l’application est-elle si populaire? Probablement parce que c’est libre en principe. La plupart des fonctions peuvent être utilisées sans jeter de l’argent dans la gorge du fournisseur. Badoo suit le principe freemium. Cela devrait signifier que le contact et le flirt excessif ne coûtent rien à l’utilisateur. Pour certaines fonctions telles que les contacts illimités, les cadeaux numériques ou un meilleur positionnement de leur propre profil, vous devez cependant payer avec des “points”. Ces “points” peuvent être gagnés en recrutant des amis, en participant à des sondages auprès de partenaires de coopération ou en obtenant des abonnements d’essai à des magazines.

De plus, les “points” peuvent également être achetés mais le prix dépend de la taille du “paquet de points”. Quiconque souhaite accéder directement à un abonnement premium avec des fonctions supplémentaires peut acheter ce qu’on appelle des “super pouvoirs”. Mais méfiez-vous! Il s’agit d’un abonnement de trois, six ou douze mois, qui est automatiquement renouvelé si vous n’annulez pas via Badoo lui-même ou via iTunes et Google.

Attention! L’application de rencontres Badoo a déjà fait les gros titres: selon le magazine Vice, différentes bases de données d’utilisateurs ont été publiées sur Internet. C’est ce qui se produit lorsque vous n’utilisez pas de mots de passe sécurisés ou génériques.

Lovoo online dating app for real relationship

Lovoo online dating site for real relationships

The flirting app Lovoo was launched in 2011 by a small startup. Like many other dating apps, the platform uses location-based services to bring people together. The figurehead of Lovoo is the “live radar” feature. Here, the user flirting with singles can see all the activities nearby.

The Lovoo application is basically free. However, if you want to use the full range and communicate unlimitedly, you need to get a “VIP access”. Flirt matching puts you in the spotlight more often and puts you at the top of the list. In addition, you can use what is called “Ghost Mode.”

Some of the many virtual privileges, such as sending digital kisses, can also be paid for with so-called “credits.” Savvy foxes can get Lovoo currency even without money.

By the way, registering with Lovoo is quite simple. Registration via Facebook is possible, but not mandatory – conspiracy theorists can breathe easy. Or not? After all, Lovoo was accused by a magazine of scamming and false suspicion. Thus, targeted fake profiles were put into circulation in order to evaluate other profiles automatically. In a statement issued by Lovoo, the provider rejects these accusations.

Warning! The website Heise Online 2016 revealed that Lovoo allegedly deceived its male members with up to 477 fake female user profiles and collected about 1.2 million euros. Meanwhile, the managing directors have been released.

Once who will we choose for you

Once who will we choose for you

The dating app Once is often referred to in the media as “anti-mass”. The app’s French inventor, Jean Meyer, wanted to put his 2014 service based primarily on class rather than mass. While countless Tinder followers seek volume and bet solely on physicality.

On Once a profile is presented each day to a single candidate, on which he or she can direct all his or her attention for 24 hours (the timer is always running). If you like the profile, you click on a golden crown and wait for him or her to accept before starting to chat. For once here is a site that offers human relationships rather than machine algorithms for unique relationships. According to Once, “self-learning algorithms” are only used to shortlist suitable candidates. These are then verified by trained “matchmakers,” who specifically look at the singles’ photos and assess whether it would be a good fit for their instincts.

All basic features will remain free according to Once. If you want to use additional features for digital flirting, you can purchase them with the unique currency “crowns”. This includes the possibility to choose a candidate yourself from the proposals. In principle, you push with your own profile between the partner suggestions of the “Matchmaker”. According to Once, daily only a maximum of two matches will be presented

Jaumo flirt discussion and meeting

Jaumo flirtation discussion and dating simple and effective

Jaumo was born in Stuttgart and was conceived in 2011 by the two friends Jens Kammerer and Benjamin Roth. The platform is the very principle of free flirting with ease. At Jaumo, all basic functions will remain free in the future. The contact is not limited as with many other dating apps. This allows singles to chat with as many users as they want. Although you can pay yourself by “VIP membership” or by purchasing “Coins”, little things like better profile positioning or a read acknowledgement when sending messages, but these features are not really necessary for proper flirting.

Just like with the flirting app Lovoo, you can also get the “coins” through certain actions such as Facebook likes or other profile pictures. Registration via Facebook is possible but not mandatory. The company attaches importance to compliance with data protection guidelines and not passing on information to third parties.

In general, Jaumo convinces with its individual profile design and varied search functions. The app is aimed at young people and you can see that – not only the new design and the partly free usage, but you will find more than 10 million members, most of whom are between 20 and 20 years old. Thanks to the “Zapping” function (Tinder-like scans) and the proximity search, flirting is really easy and fun.

Twoo & Zoosk tchatt dating site flirt and sex

Les applications de flirt de Twoo et de Zoosk sont répertoriées ici séparément, car les deux fournisseurs sont des sites de rencontres typiques mais, ils se démarquent en raison de leurs nombreuses applications de rencontres

Twoo, tchatt avec de nouvelles personnes dans le monde entier

Twoo dating site and chat with people around the world

Let’s start with the giants of the Twoo community. The provider convinces first of all by an extremely high number of users. In Germany alone there are more than 13 million registered users. However, it is not clear what the members are looking for. Sexy flirts, or rather thoughts, the platform as an opportunity for contact and exchange.

However, Twoo offers many small features such as the photo-discovery game “Discover”, random chat, digital gift delivery and other initiation games. Only some of the gadgets are actually free. And that brings us to the app’s shortcoming which is flirting. As usual for a single dating site, some features must be combined – either by “credits” or by using the premium subscription “Twoo Unlimited”. However, the price of these options is not very high.

Zoosk, dating site and app with over 40 million singles

Zoosk, dating site and app

The free application of the American dating site Zoosk has been created with a clear design and simple handling. The dating portal Zoosk has almost 38 million members worldwide. A good gadget is the “flirt carousel”, where photos of other members can be rated, which can be used to earn “coins” that you can then invest in virtual gifts or contextual messages. Long live bartering…

The “Smart Date” feature has even been patented by Zoosk. The app can be used for free in the basic functions and follows the usual freemium principle with the introduction of a “coins” system. However, the user should know that he is already invited to send messages to the cashier. The costs concern a single market in the price segment.