brothel owner

brothel owner

How girls work in a brothel

Gold chains, a woman in each arm, and an even bigger smile on the lips, that’s how we know brothel owners. And in reality? A lot of eccentricity and no scruples. Is this really the starter kit for making money from prostitution? What about the staging of Bling Bling?

Brothel manager explains how girls work

The brothel is an economic model like any other. The girls pay an entrance fee and then work for themselves, they can (in theory) determine the prices and type of sex acts themselves. The brothel manager makes his money from the rental of the room. One of the largest brothels in Germany has more than 800 clients per day and the daily room rent was 160 euros in 2014. You don’t need to be a math artist to realize how profitable such a business is.

Leo 43 years manager of a brothel does not want to tell us the amount of his rents. And when asked how much he earns, he only answered: “I leave that question to the tax authorities, my bank and my tax consultant! This becomes clearer when visiting the homepage of his brothel in Berlin. He advertises with “pure, out, cool” or “Non-stop Horny – 24/7 legs wide”.

But does he feel like a “P-I-M-P” with leather slippers and a crocodile cane? “Not at all,” Leo replies with his eccentric mustache posted at the entrance to his brothel. “As a brothel operator, I’m a simple establishment owner. What women do to whom and how often is their own business? But in this jungle of sex can he even guarantee the safety of the girls’ workers? We will ask him questions that for the moment remain unanswered.

Did you become a brothel owner because you can't do anything else?

I am a qualified car mechanic, I got my hands dirty and realized that even with overtime I was not earning enough money. Then I studied business administration, that was about 20 years ago. A few years later, with two friends, I had the idea of opening a brothel. I was told that with so little work, you could quickly make a lot of money. But it wasn’t like that. A big car, fancy clothes and a gym membership do not make a good brothel owner. Today, I know that a brothel is a business like any other and must be run professionally. After five years of running the brothel I was finally able to make a good living from this business and I have been doing this for 15 years now with the same professional awareness as any other business owner.

Does your parents know your job?

Yes, my mother knows about my activity. Since I was 14 years old I do what I want and what I think is right for me. However, we are not in contact with each other and we avoid talking about it.

Do you have sex with the your brothel girls

I would never do that. The best proof is that women want to work in my establishment. They don’t feel indebted to me with services rendered in kind like in some other establishments. I separate professional and private. Even my own friends don’t get benefits. If I started this kind of practice it would be the end of my business. Girls would not want to work in my brothel and my friends would only ask me for free services. The girls themselves do not give out their numbers or social network profiles. And if any of my friends want to have a good time in my brothel, I just inform them about the number of girls in the club.

Does some girls directly work with the customers?

When I realize that there is a car parked in front of the brothel with a girl waiting to be paid, I step forward and tell him that he can’t do it in front of my brothel. A girl who works directly with a client brings nothing to my business. They are all independent and take advantage of my premises to carry out their activity. It’s like a waiter offering free food to these customers. The restaurant could not function.

Does brothel girls job is out of spite?

I think all the women who come to my house should know what they want and not tolerate. If I have a bad conscience? When I see that a woman is in a desperate situation and is looking for a pimp, then I say unequivocally that I don’t want it. But if a woman has problems with her own actions, such as her debts, she can of course work with me to get out of them. When I realize that the girls are not putting the money away, but drinking it or going to the casino, I talk to them. Women need to know what they are doing.

Can you say that no girl was abused in your brothel?

Every woman does what she wants with the client. No means no, even with a girl from my brothel. Even if there is a money transaction it doesn’t give all the rights to a client. The most annoying are the guests who think that it is possible to do everything with money. So if a guest doesn’t agree with a lady, talk to my housekeeper again. If no lady finds that it is in accordance with her wishes, he will have been unlucky and will have to reconsider his behavior. This is also the case when no lady is refused a client of the brothel because he is too drunk or sloppy. In this case I always stand up for the girls in the club and invite the client to leave and come back when he is more courteous. If this situation occurs again, he will be excluded permanently from the brothel.

There must still be many questions to ask but for the time being the manager of the establishment has work to do so naturally we end the discussion