Sexual burn out

Sexual burn out

Porn addict sexual burn out how to get off

Porn addiction: People often ask what pornography is and how to recognize it. The answers, as found on the internet, are often quite broad and usually unhelpful. Semitix will shed some light on the issue.

Porn addict, How to get off the addiction

From a psychotherapeutic point of view the pleasure of pornography is not bad. If in a relationship the male partner has a need for sexual activity more frequently than the woman then Internet porn videos are a good way to stabilize the relationship. For some people this solution is much better than going to brothels, but for others sauna clubs are a solution because they are less frequent than spending their time on the web. Are you tired of porn movies? Offer yourself the services of an escort agency.

In any case, the enjoyment of pornography is considered a disease only if an individual feels a psychological burden on his or her person or environment (this applies to all human behavior). Hours of exposure to pornography is a rather eccentric behavior if the person concerned does not suffer from it, but does not suffer from any disease. Porn addiction cannot be determined by times or frequency. There is no rule that says that so many minutes/hours of pornography use per day means pornography addiction. Whether or not pornography has become an addiction. But nothing to do with sex addiction in a couple life. Why men like sex so much is another topic.

Porn in harmful consumption is toxic

Harmful drinking occurs when alcohol consumption is responsible for or has significantly contributed to physical or psychological harm. Physical harm caused by sexual masturbation is unknown in modern science, unlike in the 19th century, for example. Like gambling, pornography does not make you physically ill, but it can cause psychological damage. Just as sex addiction or sex addict can be a real problem.

Mental damage resulting from internet pornography can be: inability/refusal to find a real sexual partner or to have regular sex in an existing relationship; self-esteem problems due to not living up to one’s own moral principles; loss of control over time and money to porn consumption.

If such damage is present, it makes sense to seek psychotherapeutic help.

How to know if you are a porn addict

An addiction exists if at least three of the following criteria have been met in the past year

  • Stopping or shortening meetings with friends in favor of porn use
  • Loss of control (e.g., porn use at work, nightly porn use instead of sleep)
  • Physical withdrawal syndrome (only with alcohol, not with known mental addictions)
  • Viewing porn with increasingly brutal content
  • Reduced recreational activities in favor of pornographic enjoyment
  • Persistent use despite obvious harmful consequences (health, psychological, social)
  • Sexual needs are different for everyone. Men and women have different sexual desires but these practices do not enter into the “porn addict” syndrome because the latter is real and shared.

What do you do if you are porn addict

Excessive and harmful pornography is not really an illness in itself but rather an expression of other underlying mental disorders. For this reason, it is not helpful to help those affected to be informed. It is absolutely sensible to seek psychotherapeutic help when the criteria for addiction are met, because there is practically no solution for the person affected. Psychotherapeutic help is also the best way to work not only on the symptom but also on the cause of the disorder. This requires first of all careful diagnoses, e.g. to determine whether a depressive disorder is at the root of the addiction to pornography. Thereafter, different therapies are possible.

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