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Switzerland brothels

Switzerland, a country of 26 cantons, has a population of 8.4 million with a density of 218 inhabitants per square kilometer. Switzerland is known for its banking and financial sectors, luxury watches and world famous chocolate. There are also more than 800 brothels and other sex clubs in the country. Mr. X from Semitix.com has selected for you, 19 brothels throughout the biggest cities of the country.

Swiss brothels business and FKK sex

When you talk about Switzerland, you automatically think of mountains, cows, good cheese. One thinks less about the turning point of this country in terms of eroticism. In the past, the best FKK club addresses were mainly located in Germany. However, in recent years, some establishments have opened in the Alpine state, offering guests a unique experience.

Swiss brothel by Mr X

Even in the traditional country, the desire for extraordinary eroticism is growing more and more. The trend ranges from classic brothels and brothels to lavish clubs, which offer visitors all-day services.

A wellness area with integrated sauna has become commonplace in Switzerland. For naturist clubs in Bern, Basel or even Zurich, an outdoor area is an integral part of the sauna club. When the weather permits, you can have barbecues, cool off in the pool or simply enjoy the view of the next few hours with beautiful women. Massages are also part of the daily routine in most sex clubs. Teams of professional masseurs offer their clients a wide range of wellness massages.

Anyone who has always wanted to attend a party in a relaxed and informal atmosphere should go to the naturist events held in Swiss brothels. Discretion is the number one priority of these establishments. Semitix.com offers you to find all the information about sauna clubs in Switzerland!

In Switzerland politicians are now calling for a state-run brothel in the future. In Zurich, the Social Democrats want the city to release a building in their possession for public use. According to the newspaper “Schweiz am Sonntag”, the party’s parish councillor recently filed this request. “The vast majority of sex workers work voluntarily and independently, this is important, but the current regulations increasingly prevent this.”