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Spain brothel

Spain has 46.6 million residents with a density of 92 residents per square kilometer. With a growth rate of 0.27% per year and a turnover of 3.7 billion euros, sex clubs and other brothels stand out from the rest of the country’s economy. Spain has an impressive number of brothels, brothels, brothels or casa, which vary in the quality of services and reception offered. Mr. X of Semitix has selected for you about thirty of them, with quality services across 8 major cities.

Spain brothels very hot places

In Spain, there are 4 categories of establishments. There are discotheques, strip clubs, brothels and brothels. Nightclubs are almost ordinary establishments with the only difference that they have hostesses and rooms on the floor. The strip clubs and brothels are no different from any other establishment in the world.

Spain brothels we tell you everything

Spain is already experiencing a boom in brothels. It is estimated that about 350,000 women work on the streets, in parks or in a brothel.

When the stores and restaurants close, young prostitutes take up position in front of the lowered shutters or in a brothel in the city. “There have always been a few girls here, but now it’s become unbearable and a real brothel,” complains a local resident. “The police drove the prostitutes off the streets, now they come here.” Sometimes, downtown residents resort to rabid methods and throw water on his head love lovers.

Brothels are experiencing an unprecedented boom in Spain. It is estimated that about 350,000 prostitutes are working their way through parking lots and streets, public parks, private clubs and brothels. That is – in terms of population – twice as many as in Germany. “Spain has become the brothel of Europe and has more than 1,500 brothels throughout the country,” the press said in outrage. According to one estimate, Spaniards spend about 18 billion euros a year on their passion for brothels and other such places. This represents about 40% of the total that the state invests in education.

According to a study, 25% of Spaniards aged 18 to 49 have used the services of a brothel at least once. “If you follow the example of Sweden here, hundreds of thousands of men should be arrested,” said a police expert.

Spain is the third most popular destination for sex travel.

Spain is becoming the Thailand of Europe” with too many brothels, said the sociology professor.

An evening in a Spain brothel

Why do many men seek out mature women to satisfy their sexual desires? There is a wide variety of men in the world, with different tastes and fantasies when it comes to sexual experience with a woman. Some prefer them younger, others more mature. Some like blondes, others brunettes. Some fantasize about smaller models, others about bigger ones.

Here we will talk about the experienced women present in the sex clubs of Spain. Many men are crazy about them. And this for several reasons: their experience in pleasure, more targeted gestures, better mastered. They often have a know-how that the younger ones do not have yet. A pleasant company that is, without a doubt, the greatest quality of a mature escort.

Nervousness, physical tension and stress are common after an intense day of work. With so much tension accumulated, the body needs to rest. And what better way to transform all this negative energy into unbridled passion than with a mix of relaxation and pleasure offered by an erotic massage…?

Sex clubs, brothels and other casa are intended for the pleasure of customers. That’s why these establishments offer more detailed, more intense, more exciting erotic massages. The prostitutes who collaborate with these clubs will make your fantasies come true, with the most exciting massages.

Some erotic massages start with the excitement of the genitals, masturbation and end with a pleasant ejaculation.