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Sexual proposals are strictly forbidden. The site only offers the possibility of listing establishments in the form of an ad. The establishments listed on the site must be in accordance with the legislation of the country where they are domiciled. If you mention adult practices, do not mention prices or “gifts” in exchange. Ads that offer prostitution will result in an immediate ban, without prior notice and without any possible recourse. Also note that an ad for a massage or escort service, for example, with a photo that explicitly states more than a massage or friendly companionship, will also result in a ban. In general, your ad must not imply a sexual offer by any means (text, photo). In addition to leading to a banishment from the site, we reserve the right to file a complaint against the authors of ads of this type.

In the same way, the proposals of financial or material help or gift against sexual advantages are forbidden. Incitement to prostitution is punishable by law and we transmit to the authorities the information allowing us to identify you when we receive a judicial requisition.
Multiple ads from the same establishment trying to deceive our anti-advertising system = permanent systematic banning.

An advanced technical system has been put in place for this. It’s clear: to avoid countless abuses, only one ad per establishment.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before accessing the site as a non-registered or registered user. If you do not agree with these Terms of Conditions, then you should not continue and you must navigate away from this site immediately.

Semitix is an information and advertising site that is not related or affiliated with any of the advertisers or sites listed here. We are only an advertising platform. We are not an escort agency or offer any sexual services. Therefore, we do not accept any responsibility for the content, publication or actions of the users of our site (people or websites that refer to ads). Users registered as adults on our site are fully responsible for the content published on our site BY SUBSCRIBING AND USING THIS SITE, YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF USE, COOKIES AND PRIVACY POLICY.

What are the referencing criteria on Semitix?

To be listed on Semitix, establishments must meet all of the following conditions:

be open to the public
Have an official name
Have an official address and a unique and permanent location
Be currently open or accepting reservations for future openings

What are our ranking criteria and methods?

Facilities are currently ranked in the following ways:

– “Traveler Rating” or “Ranking”: ranks establishments, as appropriate, based on user reviews on Semitix. The results are ranked according to the ‘Popularity Index’ based on the quality, date and quantity of reviews an establishment receives from users.

When establishments are classified by subcategories (e.g. fkk, brothel, strip club, etc.), they are classified in that subcategory according to the ‘Popularity Index’.

– Value for Money”: ranks establishments using Semitix proprietary data, including traveler ratings, prices, location and user preferences.

– Lowest Price” ranks properties based on the prices entered on a listing.

– Name”: ranks establishments alphabetically.

– Our Selection” ranks properties based on Semitix proprietary data, including traveler ratings, prices, location and user preferences. It also takes into account the financial compensation paid to us by the properties.

– “Friends First”: ranks the properties your Facebook friends have reviewed or pinned as visited first. Read more about this

– Relevance”: ranks establishments that best match user preferences

No ownership link with the referenced companies

Semitix does not own any of the companies listed on its site.


Except for the cases described above, referencing on Semitix exists in free and paid form.

Commercial relationships

Referred partners may, if they choose, enter into commercial contracts of various kinds with Semitix, primarily for the visibility of their listings. These commercial relationships that partners may have with Semitix may influence certain rankings as described above. However, they have no influence on the Semitix ‘Popularity Index’.

While advertising placements may appear in and around a results list, partners cannot purchase a particular position in a ranking as described above. The advertising nature of the services listed for a fee is indicated by the word “Ad”.

Our matching services

Semitix gives you the ability to search and compare facilities from professional third party providers without leaving the Semitix website.

The results displayed are not exhaustive of all offers available on the Internet. Semitix displays results based on data provided by its partners and is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by such third party providers and displayed on its sites or applications, or for the content on other websites.

Key Notice Control Features:

Before publication, each review goes through our automated tracking system, which collects a certain amount of information for each review, answering the following questions: how, what, where and when. If the system detects something that clearly contradicts our publication criteria, the review is not published. The user is informed of this and the reason for the non-publication and is given the opportunity to write another review in accordance with our publication criteria.

When the system detects a problem with a review, it is flagged for verification and then manually reviewed by our team of content specialists, who work to maintain the quality of reviews on our site. Please note that in some cases, we will also send you an email asking you to validate your review before it is published. All you have to do is click on the link provided in the email. In some circumstances, if an owner or manager disputes a review, we may ask you to provide proof of your stay to ensure that the review is attached to the correct rental.

After publication, our team reviews every review that is reported by our community (properties and users) as not meeting our publication criteria.

For more information on our anti-fraud policy, please contact us by email.

Our criteria for publishing traveler reviews

We want to ensure that Semitix remains a trusted and reliable source for our global community. To that end, and to ensure that your review is published as soon as possible, please make sure that it meets our publication criteria and is :

open to all,
relevant to travelers,
a reflection of a real-life situation and useful,
original text,
respectful of confidentiality,
linked to the right institution listed by Semitix
easy to read.

Any review that does not meet these publishing criteria will not be published.

If you have not responded to the verification emails we have sent you, your review will also not be published.

When will my review will be published?

It usually takes 24-48 hours to see the reviews on our site. The process may take longer if the review needs to be reviewed in more detail by our team of moderators. This may be the case if you add many photos to your review, or if you do not meet our review publishing criteria.

If we are unable to publish your review, you will be notified of the rejection and the reason for non-publication. Please note that in some cases, we will also send you an email asking you to validate your review before it is published. All you have to do is click on the link provided in the e-mail.

How long will my review be published?

Your review will remain on our site indefinitely. Your review will only be removed if you wish to remove it by contacting us or if our team of moderators has determined that the review does not meet our publishing criteria.

Can I be rewarded for a review?

No. Reviews written in exchange for personal benefits, such as gifts, services or money, will be removed.

Establishments are free to encourage their guests to post their reviews when they return home. However, no facility representative may offer a bonus, discount, upgrade or special treatment for current or future visits in exchange for reviews. If someone has offered you a reward in exchange for a review, please let us know.

From time to time, Semitix may run promotions to reward contributors with badges and points for submitting eligible content over a specific time period, in a specific language or for a specific country, or for using new Semitix products or services. These programs are not intended as an incentive to submit reviews for a particular establishment. All content submitted as part of these promotions is accepted, whether positive, neutral or negative. They are subject to the same publishing criteria, filters and procedures as all other reviews and content submitted to Semitix.

Can i change a review

Once submitted, your notice can be edited. If you wish to delete your notification to make changes, please select the notification in question on the form.

Does an establishment can contact me If I write a review?

Providing a contributor’s email address to an owner, manager, or other person violates our privacy policy. Contributors remain anonymous unless they choose to publish their email address or contact information in a contribution, such as a review or forum post.