Differents practices of sex business

There are many Fkk brothels and brothels but they are not all the same. In addition, some girls prefer the street, others prefer to work in a brothel. However, it is worth distinguishing here the different variants of brothel, which also have a significant impact on the services offered. There are a variety of sauna club, one less classic and the other less known.

Fkk and classic brothel type

The best known is probably the form of brothel and Fkk in Germany in which women are in a kind of bar-salon waiting for suitors. In addition drinks, shows and striptease are offered to entertain the guests. The customer enters the brothel, chooses a lady and talks to her. If the magic happens, the couple will visit one of the rooms in the brothel.

Brothels for quick and easy sex

In a brothel you don’t make a detour to the bar. In this type of establishment you will find long corridors with many rooms rented directly by the prostitute. Each woman can choose the amount of money for certain services and clearly announce what she is offering. The prostitutes sit on chairs in front of their rooms during their working hours until one of the passers-by shows interest in the practice. Brothels are the classic type and are generally more anonymous. The suitor chooses a girl, chats with her for a while and then quickly gets down to the business at hand.

Fkk brothels party place of sex and fun

The atmosphere in a fkk club is completely different from that of a brothel. Before a sex act in a fkk brothel there is a warm conversation with the girls with most of the time a buffet and a bar, a sauna and a jacuzzi and cinemas or screens with free porn movies running on a loop. Everything is done to make the client feel like he is at a regular party with friends. However, to enjoy the benefits offered by the club an entrance fee is required. It is not uncommon to see several clients and girls talking, having fun and even dancing. Talking about private things is not frowned upon, but even desired in this kind of club.

Swingers club, a popular sexual practice

The only thing that distinguishes a classic Fkk or brothel type club from a swingers club is that the women do their work for a fee. The client usually pays a lump sum for a certain period of time and can take as many ladies as he wants. You pay an entrance fee which is usually higher if you come alone than if you come with someone. In general, customers of swingers clubs like to have sex with several partners or watch their partner with other people.

Dominant and sado brothels with sadistic practices

Private sado-masochism or domination clubs are visited only by those who are interested in or enjoy dominant and sadistic practices. Dominating or being dominated has no secret and brings a form of satisfaction to the clients of these clubs. The sexual preferences practiced in these clubs are of course very specific. We can see a sexual practice with sex toys or other objects of domination. These are therefore not or rarely offered in classic brothels and Fkk because special toys and special material and equipment must be put in place.

Soapland Japanese practice

Soaplands come from Japan. In these brothels, bathing is the main focus. As a rule, male guests are bathed or washed by the prostitutes. In addition, some soaplands are dedicated to female customers. The erotic form of “lotion play”, in which the male guest is lathered with lotion by the woman with her body sliding over the man’s, is frequently used. As a rule, the practices offered by these clubs are expensive.

Sex in mobile home “lovemobile”

Lovemobiles are brothels in the form of mobile homes or trailer. These practices are mostly carried out on main roads. trailers are often driven to established locations. In terms of security, these mobile brothels have major shortcomings. It is not uncommon for acts of violence to be committed against prostitutes.

Escorte girl et gay club “house of boys”

A House of Boys is also called a gay escort agency or a boys’ club. It is a brothel-like operation; there is a general manager who usually offers several rooms for socializing. The prostitutes are men. They are obliged to give part of their income to the operator. There are usually several rooms, some of which also have a bar, a Jacuzzi or a dance floor.