Semitix lists brothels in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and in the world. In this part of the European Union, brothels are authorised and legal. The objective of this site is not to promote brothels but to list the existing sauna clubs thanks to a playful, sober site without pornographic images, called “hard sex”. Semitix was created because a friend of mine – who we will call “Mr X” – is a faithful customer of brothels. Because of his great experience in brothels, he is often asked for advice. It is thus quite naturally that Semitix was born.

A strip club is an adult entertainment venue and a type of nightclub in which stripteases or other erotic or exotic dances are regularly performed. Strip clubs usually adopt the style of a nightclub or bar, but may also adopt the style of a theater or cabaret. American-style strip clubs began to appear outside of North America after World War II, in Asia in the late 1940s and in Europe in 1950. The profitability of strip clubs, like other service-oriented businesses


Semitix lists brothels in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and in the world but also in Europe and worldwide. In this part of the European Union, brothels are authorized and legal. In France, the regime of regulated prostitution has been abolished since April 13th 1946 by the Marthe-Richard law. The objective of this site is not to promote brothels, fkk, strip clubs and massage parlors but to list the existing saunas clubs thanks to a playful site, sober and without pornographic images, called “hard sex”. Semitix was born because a friend of ours -who we will call “Mr X”- is a faithful customer of brothels. Because of his great experience in brothels, he is often asked for advice. It is thus quite naturally that Semitix was born.

Erotic massage is a way for two people in an intimate relationship to touch and stimulate each other, while communicating love and tenderness. Touch and massage are therefore the perfect tools for sexual foreplay.

What is a Fkk

FKKs are a chain of brothels intended for the relaxation and well-being of men. They are generally designed in the same way, with an equivalent service. These places respect strict rules of hygiene. Also, discretion is required. Open all week, you will find calm and relaxation. In a nudist club it is not only about sex, but about the overall nutrition of body and soul. A sauna club can be compared to a contact sauna, where the use of the sauna is combined with sexual contact. Today’s nudist clubs combine a leisure pool, a wellness hotel and a night club. 

A large number of brothels exist in Germany, often in the form of sauna clubs. Better known as “brothels” or “Fkk”, brothels are very numerous in Germany where prostitution is legal and represents a recognized profession under the status of self-employed. There are more than 160 brothels in Germany with, at the top of the list, the Fkk Artemis, the Fkk World and the Fkk Sharks which are chains of several brothels better known as FKK (sauna club). Well organized brothels. Vast wellness centers where you can find, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, porn cinema and catering, all accompanied by many ladies.

Brothels are widespread and popular in Spain. Many French people know the private clubs and other brothels along the border, but the “sex clubs” are spread throughout the country. For example, Madrid has more than a hundred pleasure houses, strip clubs in the form of discotheques and nightclubs of various sizes. We can distinguish between “classic” brothels in villas or apartments, and private clubs in the form of nightclubs with rooms on the floor and erotic massages. In Spain, there are more than 2,500 clubs, brothels and private houses scattered throughout the country. This would represent a market of more than 18 billion euros per year.

Since 1942 and the legalization of prostitution, Switzerland has had a large number of brothels. These sauna-clubs are spread over all the cantons and remain relatively less affordable than those present in their European neighbors. In the German part of the country, we find, in a very successful way, the FKK, which is by far the most popular private club. The FKK sauna-clubs are of high standing and have an average of more than 50 hostesses. In Geneva there are no less than 144 brothels, but not all of them are as prestigious as the FKK. In the whole of Switzerland, only 16 sex clubs are worthy of the name. 

The legalization of brothels in Austria was first put on the political agenda in the 1970s. The regulation of brothels in Austria took place successively with the reform of the criminal law. Since then, a large number of brothels have been established in Austria. Semitix has selected for you the best brothels in the major cities. You can find all brothels in Austria on our dedicated page.

French strip club knew how to decomplex new generation. Gone are the vulgar and reclusive corners, french strip clubs represent today a certain taste of luxury. Besides in Paris, we find the three biggest clubs just next to the most visited avenue of France, the Champs Elysées. Big city like, Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse has strip club too.

In Belgium, there are no brothels in the traditional sense of the term. On the other hand, there are many sex clubs in the form of bars with a number of hostesses offering strip-tease and sex shows. These clubs are tolerated but erotic massage and tantric massage parlors are much more popular.  Some Fkk clubs claim to be sex clubs while others only offer erotic massages, without sexual practices. The biggest brothel in Antwerp – “The Villa Tinto” – hosts some 260 prostitutes. The private club also seduces some Walloon and Brussels politicians. There are more than 16 real sex clubs across the country and more than 60% of the girls who work there are French. 

How to choose a brothel

The best brothel in Germany is defined by the largest area where you can find many girls. does not consider this option to be of primary importance. For Semitix, a good brothel or brothel house should above all provide services worthy of a high-class hotel. With an impressive range of such establishments in Germany, and the difficulty of selection by the visitor, Semitix has made the choice for you, of the best brothels and brothels throughout Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Austria. With Semitix, your trips will take a new dimension…

What services are offered in a brothel?

The brothels offer relaxation and wellness services with saunas, Jacuzzis and numerous bars. Each brothel is private and reserves the right to enter or not a client. Despite the large amount of information about brothels, you will immediately find everything you are looking for in the FKK club of your choice.

If you already have a club or brothel in mind, you can simply select it via the available brothel list and get all the information about its services, conditions, nudist girls, parties, events, currencies, promotions, discounts and much more. Your desires and information about brothels are available on SEMITIX.COM your guide to brothels and brothels.

The guests of the brothels will be immersed for a day (or a few hours) in a world of pleasure and well-being in order to free themselves from all stress and live unique experiences. Enjoy the wonderful company of the hostesses and the attraction of these ladies, each one as beautiful as the other, in a chic and beautifully decorated atmosphere.

Brothel party

As the weekend approaches, the desire to party takes over. The ideal place for naughty parties… On its dedicated website, tells you everything about these naughty places. If a guest decides to choose the services of a brothel, the hostesses will usually welcome him for 30 minutes for a defined service offer.

If the male guest wants additional services, they will be charged extra. Almost all brothel services are included for a fixed entrance fee. Only erotic services, certain drinks or a la carte meals will be charged separately. Brothels and saunas are remarkably elegant and well-equipped.

Brothels often include a sauna, steam grotto, massage, solarium, whirlpool and swimming pool. The lovingly designed interior ambiance of the brothel often includes erotic cinemas, table dancing, restaurants, bars, special lounges, VIP areas, etc. It is not uncommon for naturist saunas to also have large outdoor areas where you can find lawns, saunas, cabanas, barbecues, outdoor pools and much more.

The usual entrance fee for sex clubs usually ranges from 20 to 75 euros. This includes a large part of the services as well as the stay (full day). You can find more details about brothels and sex clubs with SEMITIX.COM, your complete information portal about naturist sauna clubs and strip clubs.

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