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Berlin brothel

Berlin has more than 500 brothels, most of which offer spa, jacuzzi and sauna services. The average entry fee is 50€, plus the services of the hostesses. SEMITIX.COM has selected for you the 9 best brothels in the city for unique and personal moments. You will find all the information about the places in a few clicks.

Berlin: brothels capital

Germany capital and the most populated city in the country, Berlin has 3.5 million inhabitants. It offers a large choice of brothels and places of prostitution. The brothels are mostly located in the center of the city, although a number of FKKs are spread out in the near suburbs.

Berlin brothel informations

Berlin is a charming city for its many monuments, its history, but also its beer bars and brothels. Recently, brothels have become one of the main attractions of the capital, much to the displeasure of its inhabitants. We could even see the biggest brothel in Berlin, Artemis, advertising on the local buses. For information the big German brothels often advertise…

Guests of brothels and fkk can come whenever they want, and without fixed hours. On the other hand, at certain times, brothels have a smaller number of hostesses at your service.

Berlin brothel services suggest

The entrance fee for the brothels includes: a bathrobe, towels for the sauna and disinfected bathing shoes. There are also showers equipped with shower gel and hair dryer that can be used without restrictions.

At the bar, you have a choice of free soft drinks (also non-alcoholic beer available). In addition, there are many coffees and teas available, as well as rich buffets in the restaurant in the morning and evening.
Some fkk brothels and brothels offer a day pass that gives you the right to leave and return all day.

Each guest of the brothels is entitled to a lockable locker for his or her belongings and small luggage. Valuables can be locked in special lockers.

For larger bags, a separate room is available at the reception. There you can leave your luggage during your stay.

Berlin brothel by Mr X

During a night out in Berlin with a friend, he suggested I go to a brothel. For me, this was a new territory to explore since I had never been to this city before. We got in the car and drove through the center of Berlin. We reach the local brothel and dare the impossible.

As soon as we arrived in the brothel, we met two ladies in fine lingerie as a welcome. After having made the tour of the brothel inside and outside, I notice a hostess in particular with beautiful long black hair and huge breasts. She seems visibly older than me, but I still dare to make a sign to her without leaving her eyes.

Having understood the message this last one gets closer to me and immediately she touches my neck and whispers things in my ear.

At this moment, I realize that we are going to go to the room. Both my hands are filled with her breasts and… my Saturday night couldn’t have ended worse.

Berlin Germany information

Berlin has an area of 892 square kilometers and is the seat of the federal government and of the German Bundestag, the German Parliament, which is housed in the Reichstag building. In no other German city is the suffering and triumphant German history reflected as clearly as in Berlin.

Since 1990 Berlin is the capital of the reunified Germany. Since reunification the urban landscape has changed dramatically. Today, Berlin is a dynamic and modern cosmopolitan metropolis that attracts young people in particular. The quality of life in Berlin is considered extremely high and there is much to see, admire and do. Berlin is also a city with a high level of leisure and cultural value