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Dortmund brothel

Dortmund, which has 580,000 residents, is known for its soccer stadium and its contemporary art exhibitions at the Museum Ostwall. In addition, there are many brothels and bordellos. More than 50 clubs and saunas are spread around the city, but Mr X from Semitix.com has selected for you the establishments offering the best services.

Dortmund brothels for the 3rd half

Dortmund has a large number of brothels. After a soccer match of his mythical team, Mr X decided to celebrate his third half-time in some of the brothels of the city. He has selected for you, the nicest brothels, where party and relaxation are in order. Discover the pleasure and the charm of the hostesses, and the atmosphere of the clubs.

Dortmund brothels by Mr X

After a good soccer game, Mr. X dreams of going to a brothel to celebrate the team’s victory. Once there, he heads to the bar and decides to spend two hours in the lounge relaxing and chatting with beautiful women.

After a few long minutes of discussion with one of them, he decides to book himself a nice body massage and a Jacuzzi and then a sauna. Afterwards, the hostess offers him to go up to the room for half an hour…

On his return, he chooses to have dinner with the girl and leave.
For information, in German Fkk this type of practice is very common.

Dortmund brothels informations

Today, after many years of structural change, Dortmund is a center of the insurance and retail sector. The city has six universities with 50,000 working students and contributes to the city’s reputation as a leading science and high-tech location.

The city’s landmark is the U-shaped Dortmunder tower, built in 1926/1927 as a “fermentation and storage cellar”. The brewery tower of the Dortmund Brewery is located on the western edge of the city. The beginnings of Dortmund date back to the 10th century, when the city became an imperial palace.