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Baden Baden brothel

Baden-Baden, a town of 54,000 residents close to France, is located 46 minutes from Strasbourg in Alsace. Baden-Baden is a spa town made famous by its spa. You can find a brothel, a sex club and a sauna at 58 kilometers from Strasbourg. Many brothel fans use the alibi “thermal” and do not hesitate to take the step. For information, many German saunaclubs are located near the border.

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In Baden-Baden you will find the joys of bathing, massages, swimming, but also lust, sex and enjoyment. High quality brothels with excellent service. The hostesses are hot, naughty and eager to chat with you over a drink. The sex clubs and brothels of the city will surprise you.

Baden-Baden brothels by Mr X

This afternoon I was in a brothel in the city. The club was very clean and the welcome was warm. After relaxing a bit in the hot tub, I looked around for a woman to chat with my friend and me.

I found a very charming hostess who gave me a wave. She was blond, with big breasts, as I like them, and a well toned body.

I felt immediately at ease and directly intimate with the girl. So naturally I started to explore her sexy body in action. We cuddled a bit before going to one of the rooms…

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The town is located near the Rhine Valley in the Oos Valley at the foot of the Black Forest, whose peaks in the northwest rise steeply and continue to the south in a mighty mountain range.

The main Black Forest road to Freudenstadt starts here and attracts countless hikers and vacationers each year as a spectacular scenic route for exploration. The town is the most important and best known health resort in Germany. Its buildings and parks bear witness to its long spa tradition.