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Hamburg brothel

Hamburg city has more than 1.8 million inhabitants with 2367 inhabitants per square meter. The city is known for its legal and historical brothels. In the famous 930 meter long Reeperbahn avenue, located in the district of Sankt-Pauli, there is a large number of brothels. SEMITIX.com has selected for you 9 brothels where you can find quality service and comfort.

Hamburg: brothels sex for tourists

Hamburg, the 9th most important port in the world, is also a very cultural and touristic city. Many people from different countries and ethnic groups meet here. With so many opportunities, it is quite natural that the city has gradually acquired a large number of brothels and Fkk. All the establishments are not of the same standard. So be careful where you step.

Hamburg brothels by Mr X

Hamburg is an exciting city. Which allowed me to endure, once again, a boring business meeting. A classic meeting like others, where stiff handshakes and long speeches are the order of the day. Back at the hotel in the evening, I feel alone and wonder what to do. One option is on my mind…! Too many drunken tourists, I don’t want any more! What if I went to a brothel in Hamburg to find some sensuality, relaxation and eroticism…?

Once there, in the brothel, I feel like in an erotic oasis. Beautiful women around me, a first class kitchen, an incomparable wellness center.
Here I can forget about work and concentrate on basic things like desire, pleasure, relaxation, rest and sex. The hottest and most open naturist women in Hamburg! I have to discover the hot parties in Germany to understand what is going on there

The buffet seems to be better stocked than at the office. I decide to take an espresso at the bar to show my presence to the girls. Looking for some nice looks to share a moment with one of them, my eyes get stuck.

Endless legs, hair falling on tender nipples, an angel-like smile. No doubt about the quality of this mess. I am in Hamburg in a quality brothel.

Hamburg Germany information

If you want to get to Hamburg by the fastest route, you can fly into Hamburg International Airport (HAM). This airport is served by all German airports. When you arrive in Hamburg, you can take a cab or bus to a brothel or other cultural venue.

The city is rich in attractions and of course it shines first with the famous entertainment district located in St. Pauli along the Reeperbahn. Spectacular shows can be seen at the Hamburg Planetarium; it is one of the nine great planetary tales and the most visited star-theater in the country. Every year there is an internationally renowned maritime show which is the largest harbor festival in the world, with breathtaking fireworks and ship parades.