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Munich brothel

Munich is a city of 1.45 million inhabitants and 2.3 million in the suburbs. It is the 3rd largest city in Germany and has a large number of clubs and brothels. Mr X of Semitix.com has selected for you 17 sauna-clubs in which the quality of services, the relaxation and the beauty of the hostesses will make you spend a very good time. All the establishments have a sauna, a jacuzzi and a bar. This is not the case with other establishments in Munich.

Munich a rich city for brothels

Munich city is considered the richest in Germany and has a large number of brothels. In the city center you will find FKK, sauna clubs but also brothels of all kinds. Enjoying sex in Munich is easy because the city is rich in brothels.

Munich brothels by Mr X

Brothels listing in Munich is getting longer and longer. Another opportunity for Mr. X to fall for one of his German brothel hostesses. It is not uncommon for the clientele of a Munich brothel to be internationally diverse.

Munich is an attractive destination for international visitors, not only because of its well-known festival, but also for its relatively liberal view of prostitution. For those who are denied the legitimate pleasure of erotic pleasures in their native country, Munich is a destination of choice: for its beer festival, but also for a detour to a sauna-club, Fkk and other brothels.

It doesn’t matter if you stay in Munich or if you go to Augsburg, Würzburg, Nuremberg… A longer trip is worth it, because in Bavarian brothels you often stay for several hours and enjoy not only the sexual benefits, but also the wellness conditions such as sauna, whirlpools, massages and more.

Also, the brothel offers a culinary offer with bbq and grill to accompany your evenings.

Finally, in a Munich brothel, you can enjoy a real relaxing experience with beautiful naturist ladies? Munich is made for you…

Munich informations

Munich is known for its baroque eroticism rather than its wild and sexy orgies. For people who are looking for erotic events in Munich, Semitix.com can give you information. Just select the brothel you want and you will find all the information you need.

Munich, a city that proudly shows its traditions and is at the same time a high-tech, high-performance and world-class place. Economically, culturally and politically, the city has traditionally held a dominant position in the country, if not in the world. The metropolis is one of the most successful and dynamic economies in Europe. In the Mercer consulting firm’s urban placements, Munich ranked second in terms of infrastructure among less than 50 cities worldwide in 2014 and fourth in terms of quality of life.

Munich is world-renowned for its collections of ancient and classical art, presented in state, municipal and private museums such as galleries. With more than one million visitors per year, the Deutsches Museum, with its unique technical exhibitions, is one of the most visited museums in Europe and the largest technical-scientific museum in the world.

Munich has a rich theater, ballet and opera culture with five national stages, three city stages and more than fifty private stages. The Bavarian State Opera in Munich is one of the most renowned opera houses in the world and can look back on a long history and tradition.

Important economic sectors in the city are tourism, automotive and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering as well as software and IT. The high density of IT companies has earned Munich the nickname “Isar Valley”. Munich is also an important financial and insurance center of the country.

Munich is home to many companies, including five DAX companies (Allianz, BMW, Linde, Munich Re, Siemens). This is the only stock exchange in Bavaria. As a media city, it is of major importance in the country. Munich has the largest number of publishers in the world after New York, with the television and film industries strongly represented in the city.