French-German border brothel

French-German border brothel

"I go to brothel like I go to McDonald's."

French-German border brothel what happen? East France young people don’t hesitate to pass german border to have tariffed sex.

Mario, 27 years old, is from Thionville – a town in Moselle located 60 km from the French-German border. He has been a welder for ten years and visits brothels across the Rhine several times a month. “For a simple ticket, I get what I want,” he says with aplomb.

Mario is a regular in these establishments. He has been visiting German brothels for almost 10 years, and no longer spends his evenings buying drinks for girls in the hope of getting laid. I’ve been single for three years, but I’ve been there when I was in a relationship,” he says. I put my cell phone on airplane mode for an hour, so no one will burn me.

This young man admits to going two to three times a month to a brothel on the other side of the Maginot Line. “To be precise, I go once every three weeks to Villa Venezia and once a fortnight to FKK Paradise brothel. The services offered are different.”

Villa Venezia opened its doors in early 2006 on the side of Sarrelouis, only 20 km from France. It is a well kept house, where hygiene is impeccable. Eight to ten girls are available when you arrive, and the services range from 30 euros – for a blow job – to 50 euros for a blow job and vaginal penetration. In this establishment, discretion is the watchword. The customers never cross paths.

Mario explains to me that he sometimes crosses the border in two cases: either after a few glasses of alcohol shared with friends, or alone. Before taking his car, he goes to the Internet site of the different brothels to find the names of the girls available, as well as their measurements, their origin, and some naked pictures.

It’s not a drug because it’s not harmful,” he says. Sometimes, I have a little money lying around, I want to have a sauna – above all, I think to please myself, to relax, to take care of my body, to do UV. And, of course, I run into beautiful women.”

According to Mario, many young people living in eastern France are in the same situation as him. 80% of the clientele is French,” he says. I have spoken with managers of establishments. The figures are true.


French-German border brothel

At Villa Venezia brothel, a woman is always there to welcome the customer – she doesn’t prostitute herself and simply leads the customer into the room where prostitutes are waiting. Mario confirms that there is something for everyone – in terms of body size, origin and age. Once the choice is made, it is a matter of specifying the desired package. Payment is always made before the procedure.

The Moselle resident is not really excited about this type of mess. “It is really with the chain, the prostitutes make sure that that goes quickly, he regrets. You have 15 to 20 seconds to choose one. It’s intimidating and tricky at the same time – unless you’re drunk. The establishment changes the girls quite often. You can’t build up too much chemistry and feel comfortable. Unlike FKK Paradise, there’s no intimacy – never oral sex without a condom or kissing, for example.”

Indeed, FKK Paradise, located in Stuttgart, is a temple of relaxation and carnal pleasures. The huge property houses saunas, steam rooms, as well as beautiful creatures in bikinis and stilettos. The entrance fee is 50 euros for the day, including meals. After that, you are free to spend your money as you wish – each service has a specific price.

Girls live in brothel rooms. Most of them get between 3,000 and 10,000 euros a month.

In German brothels, there are two types of prostitutes. On the one hand, young foreigners from Eastern Europe – Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian women between 16 and 21 years old who do this to earn easy money. On the other hand, women who are trying to survive – often mothers, German or foreign. Mario compares them to drug dealers. “You have to fill your fridge. It’s just another way,” he says.

The girls are housed in rooms within the brothel. Most of them earn a good living – they get between 3,000 and 10,000 euros a month. After paying rent to the manager of the establishment, they keep all the money from the sex trade.

The prostitutes at FKK Paradise are very comfortable, they walk around with their breasts out and laugh a lot with the clients,” Mario tells me. Sometimes they come across old men. They go along with it and think about the money they will earn. When they see a young man coming in, it bothers them less. It’s logical.

A few years ago, Mario wanted to open a brothel. I had made an agreement with Polish women to make them work,” he says. When I learned about the penalties for pimping, I was disillusioned. Unfortunately, prostitution is not legal in France, although it is a safe way for the girl and for the client. Moreover, prostitutes are subject to screening every three months.”

Mario is a regular FKK Paradise brothel. He celebrated his birthday there a few months ago. The state of mind has nothing to do with Villa Venezia. There is a large living room and the girls wait on different sofas. Their goal is to charm the client into having sex – a client who has every right to buy the young women a drink. It’s a bit like a spa, with naked girls,” the Frenchman tells me. You pay 50 euros for admission, you get non-alcoholic drinks, an all-you-can-eat buffet and free access to saunas and steam rooms.”

He goes on to explain to me what really differentiates the two establishments he frequents: “At FKK, you can stay for an hour or two without touching the girls. I’ve been there before without having sex. I was laughing with the girls while my buddies were fucking. There is more complicity with them. Fellatio is done without a condom, too.

In this place, the client/prostitute relationships look like classic romantic relationships. Mario confides to me that he has been sleeping with the same girls for three or four years. Sometimes he kisses them and sometimes he doesn’t pay. The most important thing is the feeling,” he says. You may be rich, but if there is no feeling, the relationship is flat. I am sensitive, I sympathize and the girls appreciate me for that.”

According to this brothel specialist, prostitutes with generous shapes and a teasing look are not necessarily more experienced than other girls. “I have already come across prostitutes who were very naughty at first sight but very shy in bed,” he told me. When he was younger, Mario indulged in a variety of practices. “I loved anal, facial and oral sex. Today, I’ve calmed down a bit.”

When Mario gets home, the routine takes over. I do my housework and go to sleep,” he says. The first few times, I tended to tell myself that. When you’re 16 and you go to a brothel, you call your friends. Then you get over it.”

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