Sex addictions

Sex addictions

Sex addict what is sex addiction

Sexual addiction is overlooked in the public perception. But for those affected and their partners, uncontrolled sexual desire can have disastrous consequences. How to treat the sex addiction risk. Sex addictions can push someone to have a sexual burn out.

Sex addict what is it and what are the symptoms

People who suffer from sexual addiction have an extremely exaggerated and uncontrollable urge to engage in sexual acts that sometimes become harmful to daily life. Affected people are constantly on the lookout, motivated, whose thoughts revolve only around the subject of sex. In addition to the loss of control, there is, as with any other addiction, the development of tolerance and the increase of the dose. After increasing the sexual stimuli the affected persons look more and more excessive while the experience of satisfaction progressively decreases until it ceases permanently. To have sex in brothel doesn’t help people in sex addiction.

Sex and addiction no reliable statistics

There are no reliable figures on the prevalence of sexual addiction because there are virtually no comprehensive studies and no single definition. In addition, there are strong denial tendencies and massive feelings of shame and guilt among those affected, making it difficult to collect realistic numbers. Estimates vary widely, ranging from 0.5 to 6% of the adult population.

Sex addiction affects more and more people

In recent years we are really dealing with an increase in the number of sex addicts. In any case there are changes that are manifested with the arrival of free porn sites on the net. Online sex addiction is a relatively new phenomenon, but it has become very common. It is certainly not true that cybersex is sexually addictive and should therefore be avoided. Experience shows that the rapid availability of pornography on the internet especially via a smartphone can certainly foster the emergence of an addiction or “fuel” their course.

Ssex addiction risk

Sexual addiction risk are significant. Because everything revolves around sex, other things in daily life become a minor matter. Many lose their jobs, their contact with friends and family and neglect their interests. The loneliness of those affected is often great and often leads to addiction and depression. In addition, many addicts prefer anonymous sex with various sexual partners, which increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, sexual addiction can be experienced very expensive, which leads to additional financial problems. Another form of addiction exists but not as a practice. In this case we speak of porn addict or porn addiction. This practice also has many problems.

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Sex addict a scary subject

As a rule, addictions are accompanied by massive feelings of shame so that the people concerned are very reluctant to talk about their problems and to seek professional help. In sexual addiction the problems very often remain hidden and unspoken. People who do not have this syndrome often misunderstand sexual addiction and do not think that it can be a harmful disease. The suffering and distress of those who are really affected is therefore not shown to the general public.

Sex addict, is that withdrawal possible?

The mental withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction are largely identical to those of sexual addiction. In addition to the strong desire to relive the addiction, these include fears, self-doubt, depressed or highly fluctuating moods, physical agitation, increased irritability, concentration and sleep disturbances. Physical symptoms such as violent shaking, sweating or changes in blood pressure, which usually occur with alcohol and drug withdrawal, do not or very rarely occur with sexual addiction.

Sex addict is that men or women problem

Overall, men are clearly more affected, but there are also women who are sex addicts. The few figures available indicate a proportion of women of about 20-30%, as the addictive sexual behaviour of women and men tends to differ. For example, the often excessive use of pornography is much more common among men, while women tend to live their addiction with real sexual partners or with the use of a sextoy. For women, this practice seems healthier.

Generally, sexual addiction occurs between the ages of 20 and 30. However, the first signs can already be found at puberty

My partner is a sex addict

Of course, sexual dependence on one’s partner is an extreme burden in most relationships. There are many couples who live and share their sexuality very little. The addictive sexual behavior tends to take place outside of the relationship and is therefore not shared within the couple. It is therefore necessary to seek from the beginning of the conversation, to confront the person concerned with their need for treatment and to support them, provided that they are willing to undergo treatment and to take responsibility for it. Avoiding the subject is not effective. However, partners are often overwhelmed by the situation and in turn depend on professional help.

How to treat a sexual addiction

Sexual addiction is completely treatable, which has been proven time and again in practice. The therapy focuses on the fact that those affected learn to regulate impulses appropriately and allow negative emotions and conflicts instead of anaesthetizing them through sexual stimulation. The goal is to be able to control the processing of one’s own desire again and to establish an intimate and experienced sexuality that is satisfying. On the other hand, the likelihood of regaining health without outpatient or inpatient therapeutic treatment or support groups is extremely low. The services offered by a non-sexual escort girl could be a solution to get past your desires.

Is that a sex addict regain a normal sex life

Unlike almost all other addictions, abstinence is not one of the goals of sex addiction therapy, as sexuality is essential to us as human beings. Rather, it is about relearning the intimacy and closeness of sexual relationships but also about experiencing sexuality. This path to a satisfying sexuality and a restored quality of life is anything but easy, but it is manageable.