Sex in older people

Sex in older people

Sexual relations in old age

Sex in the elderly can be a challenge. Sex in old age can also make you happy. You may think that sex at 50 or 60 will be difficult to achieve or that sex at 70 or 80 will be a distant memory? Wrong thought! In fact, as long as health permits, many people in their 50s and 60s have the best sex of their lives. So how do you plan to keep sex fun and exciting as you age?

Sex over the years

At the age of 20, people think that forty-year-olds are sexually old-fashioned and can hardly have an exciting sex life.

At forty, you are convinced that you have never been as sexually fulfilled as you are today. At the same time you start to feel that time is running out.

As soon as you reach sixty, the situation changes a little but the desire for sex remains intact. It is the people in their eighties who probably let themselves believe in the destiny of a life without sex.

At the age of eighty, the question that arises is how one could imagine a life without sexual practices and thoughts. Sex will always play a role in our lives, but with time the body changes and so do sexual thoughts. On the other hand, in older people, sometimes sexual thoughts are very strong and sex is often very different…

Sexual practice at 50 is liberated

In the “younger” years, it is all about performance, endurance and consistency. In addition, sexual practice must be varied in terms of both positions and partners. You will also indulge in sexual practices that you have refuted in the past or do things that you really didn’t want to do (we can talk about sexual hypocrites)

But around age 50 the time has come for the best sex of your life. The pressure for unparalleled performance is no longer available during sex in older people. Instead, the focus is on loving your partner and sharing long moments. The desire to reach orgasm as quickly as possible gives way to tenderness and sharing of emotions. With age, sexual practice with the stress of contraception is no longer a problem, which leads to a new freedom and informality. Everything could be so beautiful, if it wasn’t for the body, which slowly but surely starts to weaken and make it more difficult to desire the other. So sex in the elderly can often be a problem.

Menopause and sexuality not always obvious

Menopause is not necessarily a debilitating disease, but years of hormonal change can be challenging for both the woman and her relationship. Mood swings, vaginal dryness and many other ailments can accompany menopause. Irritability, hot flashes and dry vaginal mucosa make it especially difficult to have sex.

All that’s missing is an uncomprehending partner to make the love life hopelessly dead for the time being. If there is another health problem (diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problems?) or if the partner is also struggling with the first pinch, improvement of the situation and sexuality in the elderly seems difficult but not irremediable.

Sex and age-related health problems

Diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, cardiovascular problems, bladder weakness and many other problems come with age. Most of these chronic diseases are the greatest enemies of successful and enjoyable sexual relations in the elderly. They immediately and massively affect not only the general condition, but also the health of the sexual organs and the expression of personal libido (desire for sex).

Sex in diabetics

One of the most important side effects in men with diabetes is most likely erectile dysfunction (potency disorder). Diabetes can cause circulatory, nervous and hormonal imbalances. All three factors greatly affect sex in the elderly. Because when the hormonal balance is mixed up and the genitals are no longer properly supplied with blood or their nerves are no longer functioning, pleasurable feelings say goodbye and erections rarely do the honors. Women with diabetes don’t look much different. They suffer disproportionately from low libido and orgasmic difficulties. Therefore, having sex at an advanced age with diabetes are more slim.

Sex in the elderly with joint problems

Joint problems such as osteoarthritis and arthritis are common and are therefore also frequent opponents of sex in older people. Joint problems not only make you immobile, they can also cause intense pain. Therefore, very few people who are currently experiencing an arthritic flare-up or who can only move restlessly as a result of osteoarthritis think about sex.

High cholesterol can make you impotent and reduce your libido

Sex in the elderly can be affected by high cholesterol levels. It is known that high cholesterol levels lead to fatty deposits in the blood vessels, to a narrowing of the vessels (atherosclerosis) and thus to blood circulation disorders. The consequences of a high cholesterol level is therefore to reduce the erectile capacity which in men prevents erection but also to reduce the intensity of desire in women. Both are not really cheap for sex in old age.

Sex and overweight

Being overweight not only makes you immobile and to some extent unfit for Kamasutra positions 😉 Obesity is also a risk factor for many of the problems already listed. Whether it is high cholesterol, diabetes or the hypertension mentioned below, overweight is often the primary cause of sexual problems related to old age. However, if the obesity is reduced, the symptoms often disappear discreetly and so do the power and libido problems. The chances of having good sex with age are much better with good weight control.

High blood pressure in sex

High blood pressure is also a cause of sexual dysfunction and a lack of a fulfilling love life in the elderly. High blood pressure can damage the blood vessels of the penis and lead to impotence. However, what is much more common is not high blood pressure itself, which makes sex less frequent in older people, but medications that not only lower blood pressure, but decrease desire in both men and women. Unfortunately, medication for high blood pressure is not an isolated case.

Impotence and loss of libido due to medication

Even if the diseases mentioned leave the sex life unharmed, it is not uncommon for the knockout to set in. In addition to blood pressure medications, other medications can greatly affect sexual performance and/or libido. These include medications for diabetes, gout, depression, heart problems (diuretics), certain gastrointestinal conditions, benign prostate enlargement and even hair loss. Even painkillers such as ASA and ibuprofen, the u. a. used in rheumatism and a number of cholesterol medications can cause impotence and libido. Now, when you think about how many people over fifty or sixty are taking one or more of these medications, you don’t have to wonder about the erectile dysfunction and libido problems that are common in this age group. Sex in the elderly often seems only possible if the pharmaceutical industry allows it.

Viagra cialis and sex the blue pill for sex

Of course, you can rejoice and tell yourself that sex in old age is possible. No problem! Why is there the blue pill (cialis, p Viagra)? Cialis can be prescribed especially in case of diabetes or after prostate surgery, the substance should not be used, not to mention its side effects. Therefore, you should not rely on the miracle pill when having sex at an advanced age. Less glamorous the vacuum pump and rubber ring. People using syringes can improve blood pressure by administering an injection of medication shortly before the act directly into the penis. And if all else fails, you can simply have a pump implanted in the scrotum and a silicone prosthesis. With the pump, you then pump the liquid into the silicone penis and you are ready to go.

Maybe all this doesn’t sound so tempting to you and you would rather be able to enjoy your love life and sex in your old age without pills, doctors and pumps? Well, you can actually save your love life by doing business as usual and accepting the problems associated with age. In this way, you will not only escape the hostile consequences of sex but also the powerful and libido-damaging drugs that are prescribed. You no longer need to worry about blue pills or penis pumps. You will seek to accomodate yourself and find other practices that can be shared with your partner.