Saarbrücken has become brothel leading destination

Saarbrücken has become brothel leading destination

Welcome in paradise

All inclusive services: for 65 €, drinks and buffet at will, as well as a nice bathrobe and beach shoes. We are here in the largest brothel in Europe! 6,000 m2 dedicated to paid sex on a vast 14,000 meter site ideally located in the heart of the Burbach forest. The decor is oriental. The girls are Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian…

“Everything is perfectly legal” says Bruno Piovesan, the boss, a colossus from Forbach, Moselle, who rules over several pleasure houses in Germany and Austria. And he shows people around the premises, like any other proud businessman. With his associates, he invested 4.5 million euros in this FKK (Frei Körper Kultur, culture of the free body), the acronym which indicates at the same time the clubs of naturism and the brothels on the other side of the Rhine. Bar, restaurant, relaxation rooms, massage cabins, sauna, hammam, cinema lounges, luxurious rooms, VIP area with hidden entrance, terrace with barbecue, solarium… We are not in Club Med but in one of these temples of prostitution authorized by the German law!

Many french in brothels

cleaning is done by Veolia, we have a contract with Moët for the champagne, which we sell in huge quantities,” says the boss. “Quality and cleanliness are important. And then, the girls have to be beautiful.

Bruno Piovesan does not hide it: more than half of the customers are French. “They come from far away, we have a good reputation. And the penalization of the customer in France, it is good for us”, he smiles.

A thousand prostitutes

If the FKK Paradise displays exemplary cleanliness and legality, this is not the case everywhere in Saarbrücken brothels where prostitution is exploding. The brothels are not all so luxurious. Just opposite the station, for example, a large Eros Center attracts a large number of customers. It is a fully tattooed man, with bloodshot eyes, who filters the entrances, a huge dane at his feet. The prostitutes wait, sitting on their beds or standing in front of their rooms. Creepy! Are they here of their own free will, are they the plaything of Eastern mafias? A regular deciphers: “There are many small houses in Saarbrücken that are even worse than this one. And also many girls on the street, under the control of hyper-violent pimps. They have them because they have family and children in Romania or elsewhere. The police can’t be everywhere. French clients arrive by the hundreds every day…”

In her imposing neo-Gothic town hall, the social-democrat mayor of Saarbrücken, Charlotte Britz, is worried about both the plans to criminalize prostitution in France and the opening to Romania and Bulgaria of the free movement of workers in the European Union since January 1, 2014. She is trying, with the police, to reduce the perimeters and hours during which street prostitution is tolerated in Saarbrücken.

For 180,000 inhabitants, Saarbrücken would have at least a thousand active

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