Germany sex

Germany sex

Germany sex tourism industry

Since 2002, one of the most liberal prostitution laws in Europe has prevailed in Germany and since then, more and more brothels have sprung up. Business is booming, with stranges excesses.

A prostitute has sex with several men at the same time – nothing seems impossible. Men like it, and not only Germans.

Germany sex tourists paradise and the sex industry

Germany has long since become a paradise for sex tourists from all over the world. International companies organize tours of several days in the brothel landscape. The Federal Republic is similarly reported abroad, as we do in Thailand. But the liberal approach to prostitution has dramatic side effects.

Germany has become the brothel of Europe and, according to experts, a hub of forced prostitution and human trafficking. Between 80 and 90% of prostitutes come from abroad, the few who work voluntarily, many are forced. Conditions are getting worse, often inhumane. The red light is dominated by criminal organizations – and with them crime, trafficking in women and drugs. But how did this happen?

In Germany federal government like a pimp

Sex experts and insiders are therefore held responsible in the eyes of the German federal government. On the other hand, the federal government can be considered the biggest pimp of prostitution through the various types of Fkk, brothels and brothels in Germany. The state collects huge tax revenues from the booming sex industry and ignores the fact that prostitutes are systematically exploited and destroyed – it even promotes it with its legislation. The documentary shows how bad the conditions of prostitution are and reveals the roles of prostitution associations, brothel operators and politics in the prostitution system.

Sex and prostitution for Europe

Every weekend, tourists from the north – from Denmark, Sweden or Norway – travel to buy sex services because they are not allowed in their home country or at least do not receive the same price. But why do men like sex and what makes them buy these services?

They book on the Internet Puff vacations and travel with bus companies, cabs or private cars. They travel to Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne, visit 10 clubs in 6 days. And they also stop in Flensburg, to be more precise: in the male club No. 1. The neighbors hardly seem to be bothered by the brothel.

The media reports today at least 400,000 prostitutes, 80% of whom come from abroad, mostly from Romania. According to the Federal Statistical Office, about one million applicants have to use their sexual services on a daily basis, more than in any other European country. Germany has also become a hub for human trafficking due to the growing demand.

Nevertheless, German regulations on prostitution remain liberal by European standards. Better working conditions will be created, crime will be dealt with and victims will be helped. Clear rules must apply for prostitutes and brothel operators. For example, sex workers would recently receive a passport from the authorities (usually known as a “prostitute pass”) and operators would have to submit concepts of exploitation.