Sexual desire

Sexual desire

Sexual desire: Difference between men and women

Sex is as harmonious as it is wonderful and male and female pleasures unfortunately work very differently. Sex should not be a taboo subject and understanding the differences between men and women when it comes to sex can help some couples be more fulfilled.
In a couple, when the frequency of sex decreases and the sexual creativity is no longer at its peak, the risk of seeing the man go to a brothel increases. This solution is certainly not the best and that is why Semitix tries to explain these differences and why they exist in order to find a little more serenity in your couple.

Sexual desire information

Understanding the differences between men and women when it comes to sexual appetite could be a solution to more zenitude in your married life. But too much sex in a couple can lead to sexual addiction and become a porn addict. A good communication between partners is necessary to avoid drifting.

It is said that women are looking for a producer and a family provider for their children. They would therefore be more reserved when it comes to sex and the choice of their sexual partners. Men, on the other hand, feel freer in this regard, which is why they travel to many beds. It still sounds very convincing… But fortunately, this thesis is now questioned.

An author has looked into the matter.
The American Daniel Bergner, author of the book “What do women want?” believes he has recognized that the lust of women is much greater than that of men. “The image of women using their sexuality only to find a partner for life is false.” Even fewer women than men and the author of the book are thought to be created for monogamy.

An exciting thesis given that the social image of women are considered less sex-oriented and should have fewer sexual partners than men. Regardless of whether Bergner’s thesis is correct or not, we should start by putting aside our old clichés and look at female and male sexuality.
Sometimes the use of a sextoy in the couple’s life can be an alternative and a way to spice up the couple’s life.

The chaste women and the wild men

The clichés of the fairy tale princess are far behind us and many opportunities have changed.

Even if we are not aware of it, the dusty image of female sexuality has an effect on us and our desire. The onset of sexual desire is influenced by many physical and psychological factors: lifestyle, hormones, fantasies, feelings and even education. No wonder the fairy tales of the chaste woman and the greedy man still linger in our minds and influence us.

Many still think that men can more easily separate sex and feelings. This idea is obviously nonsense. Even a woman can want to sleep with a man without being in love with him.

For a man sexuality is more of a physical thing while women still need to feel. If a woman is totally stuck in the daily stress or if she feels completely unloved, a woman will not be able to flip the switch to “off” and have fulfilling sex. On the other hand, if a woman is able to do this, she will never be able to flip the switch as quickly as a man.

Hormones influence in sexual relations

Science can help to understand many things about sex and can help to understand differences and perhaps even appease some couples.

In terms of sex, the physical requirements are diametrically opposed between men and women and some factors that drive decision making are very complex and varied. As an example, testosterone is the pleasure hormone par excellence for both men and women.

In men, the sex hormone is produced by the testicles and (in small quantities) by the adrenal gland, in women by the ovaries and adrenal glands. Women’s testosterone levels are lower than men’s, but this does not necessarily mean that women have less sexual appetite. The female body is much more sensitive to testosterone than the male body, although it is produced in the right balance.

However, a woman’s desire is also subject to significant hormonal fluctuations, especially during the menstrual cycle. In the days leading up to ovulation, the woman’s body has a high concentration of estrogen. Then, libido is at its peak (unlike women who use hormonal drugs). After childbirth, prolactin, a milk hormone, is formed, which slows down. To a certain extent one can say that female desire varies with the cycle in a constant way.

At what age does sexual desire begin?

Men who are precocious in sexual practice and women who are more patient and learn over time…

In the notion of sexual desire, women and men have a different behavior. The man begins his sexual desire at puberty and at the first masturbation. At age 50, a man’s sexual desire is at its peak and then slowly decreases over time. Some men enter menopause with age, this hormonal change is called andropause unlike menopause in women which marks the end of menstruation. In andropause, the production of testosterone in men decreases and causes a decrease in libido.

In women, sexual desire wakes up a little later and increases regularly with time and especially with experience. Sexual maturity is reached around the age of 35. At menopause, estrogen levels drop, but since psychological factors are also involved in libido, desire does not necessarily decrease. It can even be said that mature women often have a better sexual desire than young women.

Best time to have sex

Morning erection is a satisfaction for the man but not a proof of desire for the woman.

Women often wonder why a man always wants to have sex in the morning, even if I am not really awake? Is it due to the morning erection, to his erotic dreams? Ladies, the answer is physically very simple to explain. A man’s testosterone level increases in the morning by 30% and therefore his libido is exuberant when he wakes up.

If men are ready for all kinds of sexual practices in the morning, women are generally different. Stress has always been known to be one of the biggest pleasure killers for women. And so, many women need to be relaxed and balanced and have a free mind to have sex. For women, the best time for sexual practices is when all the tasks are finished and you can relax. Therefore, evening is the best time for women to have sex.

Speak and practice sex

Communication is certainly the key and the basis of a solid sexual relationship.

When it comes to sex, everyone is sensitive and reacts differently. These differences can put a strain on your relationship because when it comes to sex we are all sensitive. After all, everyone wants to know and be appreciated and wanted. If one partner doesn’t want it, the other feels rejected. To avoid quarrels and misunderstandings, communication and compromise are often the solution to many problems

And for all those who often think they are too stressed and too busy remember that “Appetite comes with eating.” Therefore, stop being too cerebral and let your imagination speak. Never lose sight of the fact that a relationship can fail for lack of physical connection.