PornHub the risks of free porn videos

Adult erotic sites often work with dubious advertising partners – the danger of infecting the computer with malicious programs is great. Even the porn giant “Pornhub” has become a risk for users.

PornHub malware on the porn straming platform

In 2017 porn website cybercriminals had hacked the pornographic portal “Pornhub” and launched attacks against users of these pages. Pornhub visitors were asked to install so-called updates for widespread browsers. But instead of the latest browser version, gullible users infected their computers with malware, reports security firm Proofpoint.

The portal, which is likely to be the world’s largest provider of pornography with about 26 billion calls per year, patched the vulnerability, according to Proofpoint data. But on other sites, attacks continue with the Trojan called Kovter. The malware is used in most cases for click fraud. It simulates clicks on banner ads to manipulate the underlying billing systems.

The Pornhub attack directed visitors to sites of providers of fake Adobe Flash plug-ins or Firefox and Chrome updates. Those who decided to install Kovter actually got their hands on the computer. From that point on, the program took control of the computer and clicked on manipulated banner ads. These ads are located on unattractive, spam-filled websites, whose owners collect the funds needed for the advertisers’ clicks.

The nature of the fraud is completely harmless to the owners of the infected computer, but Pornhub has so far made no statement about this incident.

In order to prevent these hackers be vigilant and never update from a porn site. Also, get a good anti-spayware and trojan software to clean up after each visit.