Brothel sauna club

Brothel sauna club

Germany Saunaclub nudist club and brothel

In purely encyclopedic terms, FKK Club, otherwise known as sauna club and brothel or poof, has the same meaning. Both are facilities or buildings where women and men offer or perform sexual services. Brothels have existed since at least ancient times. The term puff comes from the eponymous board game, similar to backgammon. Puff was played in the Middle Ages, especially in inns, where prostitutes offered their services.

Germany brothel different types

In Germany, different variants of brothels have been created, such as meeting apartments, whole brothel streets, massage studios, domination studios, nightclubs and naturist clubs. The “sauna club” can therefore be understood as a kind of higher category of brothel. However, there are clear differences, for example, there are massage studios that do not offer any sexual intercourse, but only erotic massages with manual relaxation. If you talk about a brothel, you usually mean an establishment in which one “enjoys” only a short time. The average length of a client’s stay, i.e. the time needed to enter and leave a room, is about ten minutes.

What is a saunaclub or nudist club

If this is your first time in a brothel, you should know that the concept of a nudist club or sauna club is different than the meeting apartments. It’s not just about sex, but about overall nutrition of the body and soul. A sauna club can be compared to a contact sauna, where the use of the sauna is combined with sexual contact. Already in the thermal baths of the Roman era, sexual contact was suspected because of frescoes with erotic representations. The nudist clubs of today combine leisure pool, wellness hotel and discotheque.

Most of the big German naturist clubs offer a complete wellness program with different sexual practices. In a sauna club, you usually spend not just a few minutes, but several hours and, if necessary, even the whole day. There are many pretenders who travel more than 200 km to visit a larger sauna club.

The features of many nudist clubs include a wellness area with several saunas, a pool and whirlpool, an outdoor area with loungers and barbecue, a bar with alcohol, a restaurant or buffet, a cosmetic area with solarium, regular erotic evenings and mottos with girls present who work independently, private lounges and usually an erotic cinema.

Body freedom in a fkk brothel

The process in a nudist club goes something like this: the receptionist greets the client, pays the entrance fee and explains the procedure and the premises. Access to the club is done in a bathrobe and not in civilian clothes. Usually the ladies in the club are addressed. The bar is a frequent meeting place. The first contact is of course possible in the wellness area. Although it remains a job for one and a game of pleasure for the other, if the chemistry between the two does not work it should not come to sex. As soon as the two agree, they retire, usually to one of the private rooms. The conditions are negotiated beforehand. The payment is essentially afterwards. Sex in public places like the sauna does not usually happen. So you don’t have to worry about being watched by other gentlemen.

Entrance fees for clubs vary. On average, they range from 30 to 80 euros. However, the use of the sauna and the required sauna equipment are included in the entrance fee. Soft drinks and food are often included in the price, while for alcoholic drinks you usually pay extra. The girls are self-employed and are subject to the rules of the sauna club. The prices of the services are negotiated with the pretenders themselves.