Sex toys for couples

Sex toys for couples

Sex toys in couple

According to surveys, sex toys significantly enrich the love lives of both men and women, but the mallet method isn’t necessarily recommended here (pun intended). We’ve put together some tips on how to start a conversation to tell your partner you want to try sex toys.

Sextoy test

Fortunately, the subject of sex toys is becoming more and more openly discussed, but it is not easy for everyone to talk about it, especially if it has never been discussed before and you don’t know how the other person will react. You should know that the use of sextoys in a couple’s life is not done in a natural way but rather by discussion between partners. You have to exchange and in the best case it can be a very exciting foreplay …

Some couples are afraid to scare, intimidate or offend their partner. “Am I not enough for you?” Ouch. In order to avoid giving that impression, there are “gentle” ways to incorporate vibrant givers of joy into the making of love.

Sex toys are an asset to making love, not just a substitute for something that is missing. This is exactly what you should be explaining to your partner. The message is: “
Sex with you is really great and I would love to have more of it by sharing something new with you. This doesn’t make it sound like you’re lacking or that your partner isn’t up to it, but rather that you’re looking to spice things up together. On the other hand, it is better to talk about the subject in a comfortable situation where you are not disturbed or rushed. Otherwise you can consult the post about online sex toys with a selection of the best shops.

Talk about sextoy in a couple

You still don’t know how to talk about the subject without feeling like you’re rushing your partner because you lack courage at first. If you see together erotic advertising or a scene from an erotic movie that comes close to the subject of sex toys, you can tease and without obligation to ask how he / she would find such a thing. Even erotic literature, a sensual radio play, an illustrated book or even a single sexy photo can be an introduction. If your partner is not opposed, you can take the next step and suggest testing it yourself

Massages an introduction to sextoys

For starters, you don’t have to try a classic sex toy right away, but you can get a taste of a massage with your partner. Pair up with a sensual massage candle or a beautiful massage oil with a seductive scent or a pleasant warming effect and give yourself a relaxing back and neck massage. When a body receives massage, it immediately relaxes and reduces stress levels. In addition, 60 minutes of massage has the same effect on the body as 7 to 8 hours of sleep. In addition, the touches and massages release a hormone that stimulates sexual desire.

Try it with a vibrating massager or a hot stone massage. You can simply heat a massage stone and apply light pressure to the tension.

Sex toys choices is important

If you want to try a very specific toy or accessory, you can buy it before and give it to your partner. For example, for a birthday or as an unexpected surprise

Important: Don’t offer anything complicated, intimidating or repulsive. For example, for your first experience with a sextoy a realistic replica dildo with veins and testicles can be scary. Such a vibrator or dildo may be perceived by men as a competitor.
Conversely, a woman may be frightened by the size of such an object.
Be imaginative and tactful and be gentle.

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Nice little sextoys to start

Sex toys that are ideal for beginners. They don't look grotesque or uncomfortable, but have elegant shapes and feminine, colorful colors.

Diamond sextoys girls' best friends

There are countless modern and very elegant toys that are not even recognizable at first glance. A beautiful gift for a woman in the form of a diamond. Not only pleasing to the eye, but also stimulating.