Fulfilling sexuality

Fulfilling sexuality

How to have a fulfilling sexuality

Her body changes when you haven’t had sex. A good reason to go to a brothel, a brothel or the Fkk. You can check out the Semitix blog for similar topics.

Vagina variation

Already in the schoolyard, teenagers have told themselves that through abstinence, women tighten or even repopulate the hymen. However, this is only a myth. It is true, however, that a woman’s sexual organs change. If a woman does not have sex for a long time, her vagina may “stop working out”. The relaxation, arousal and contraction phases are slower and more difficult to achieve, and regular intercourse shortens this period because the vagina is “in training”. is.

Also, after a sexual breakup, women often take longer to become sufficiently “wet.” Their sexual organs need more time to produce the natural lubricant, but regular masturbation can help.

Man erectile dysfunction

Several studies confirm that men who have not had sex in a long time are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. As a result, regular sex can have a positive effect on potency and erection. In addition, regular ejaculation should prevent prostate cancer.

Vulnerable immune systems

An idle love life also affects the immune system. Although you are in contact with other germs and viruses during sex, sex at the same time strengthens the body’s defenses. The positive effect is therefore higher. According to a study by Cardiff University, two to three times a week of sexual intercourse is enough to strengthen the immune system.

Sex drive

Who has little or rarely sex, can usually lose the desire for love act. The body can even get used to this sexual withdrawal. The result: the production of certain sex hormones decreases so much that the libido disappears completely. What helps against this? “Sex,” says sex therapist Dr. Tammy Nelson in Medical Daily.

Increased susceptibility to stress

Sex can be an ideal remedy for stress. This is also confirmed by a study published in Psychology Today. The act of love has a relaxing effect for many. In addition, sex releases endorphins and oxytocin, which also provide relaxation and happiness. People who have irregular or infrequent sex are even more likely to suffer from high blood pressure in stressful situations.

Heart attack Increased risk

A good sex life can promote cardiovascular health. This is the conclusion of the American Heart Association (AHA) study. Regular sex should reduce the risk of heart attack, normalize heart rate and stabilize blood pressure.

Increased intelligence

Regular sex can boost intelligence – discover scientists at the University of Maryland. Namely, sexual activity improves neuronal growth in the hippocampus of the brain.

Strengthening muscles for testosterone

Not only does movement during sex promote muscle growth. Sex also stimulates the production of the sex hormone testosterone. Testosterone promotes muscle growth.

Longer life expectancy

Sexually active men often have a longer life expectancy than those who abstain from sex. That’s what British scientists proposed in a long-term study. Although life expectancy is also influenced by diet, general health and lifestyle habits, the risk of mortality in subjects who had sex at least twice a week was significantly reduced.

overweight reductions

Those who give up sex and are therefore frustrated may tend to indulge in substitute gratification. This often consists of foods such as sweets or fast food. Why? According to the University of California, these foods have a similar effect on the brain as sex. The result: we increase and become even more frustrated.

Good for the relationship

However, sex is not only good for your health, it can also help improve your relationship. Abstinence can reduce self-esteem. In addition, many go for a time without sex, fearing that their own partner is a stranger, according to psychology professor Les Parrott. In addition, love play strengthens the bond between partners.

Sexual abstinence is bad for your health

But there are also benefits to deliberate abstinence. The Journal of the American Medical Association (U.S.) reduces the risk of urinary tract infection or sexually transmitted disease if you don’t have sex. However, you can also get these conditions through other means. So no sex is not a solution.

However, the decision to give up some time on sex may also have psychological or physical reasons and therefore have a negative background. In this case, you should pay special attention to your health.