World beautiful prostitutes

World beautiful prostitutes

Wondering where are most beautiful prostitutes in world? We give you our ranking of countries for the beauty of their girls of joy!

This article is for information purposes only and does not encourage the use of prostitutes. French law prohibits the use of prostitution. These acts are punishable by law and can lead to prosecution in France, even if they were committed abroad. The use of a prostitute is punishable by a fine of 1500 € and can go up to 3750 € if repeated. Moreover, prostitution is dangerous both in terms of health and safety. It is preferable to use other legal alternatives to sleep with a woman. You can read this article.

Brazil girls

You must have already seen at least on television the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro with beautiful women? Well, the postcard corresponds well to reality!

In Brazil, you will probably find the most beautiful prostitutes in the world! And even if you are not a fan of Latinas, Brazilian women will quickly change your mind.

This country is full of prostitutes, especially in the tourist areas where you can find a lot of brothels. Prices vary from 40 € in a “massage parlor” to several hundred euros in bars for an hour.

The Brazilian prostitutes have difficulty with English, you will often have to use Google translation if you do not speak Portuguese.

Russian girls

Russian women make a lot of French people fantasize. Russian prostitutes have always had the reputation of being among the most beautiful in the world. However, many media report on the forced prostitution of Russians, but unfortunately this is not unknown in any country.

Prostitution is not a legal profession in Russia but it is still going strong. For example, in St. Petersburg, the authorities estimate that there are about 5000 prostitutes, most of whom work in bars with clandestine girls, also called “salons”.

The prices of beautiful Russian prostitutes range from thirty euros to hundreds for an hour of pleasure.

Sweden girls

If you love Scandinavian beauty, you won’t be able to get enough of Swedish girls. Swedish prostitutes have a natural beauty and are very simple! You will rarely see women with a lot of artifice.

Swedish prostitutes work mainly as escorts. Few of them choose the street as their place of prostitution except those who have no choice.

The average rate for escorts in Sweden is around 250 € for 60 minutes.

Mexican girl

Miss World 2019 was Mexican and not for nothing. The Mexican prostitutes are real atomic bombs!

The prostitutes of Mexico also come mainly from Colombia and Venezuela, other countries where there are beautiful ladies.

The rates of the prostitutes in Mexico is from 100 to 200 euros in the tourist places like Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. In more remote areas or by finding them on the internet, you will only pay a few dozen euros but the danger is great.

Spanish girls

Spainish brothels are one of the favorite destinations of the French for sex tourism with its famous village La Jonqera.

Spanish prostitutes have undoubtedly their place in our top 10 most beautiful prostitutes in the world.

In Spain, you will find cheap prostitutes if you don’t go to brothels where prices are not cheap.

The prices of prostitutes in Spain on some online platforms are a few dozen euros.

Dominican Republic girls

Dominican Republic is not only famous for its paradisiacal beaches. They also count among its ranks the sexiest women in the world.

The prostitutes of this country have a pronounced taste for sex and are real man-eaters. Sex is an integral part of the culture of this beautiful country along with rum.

You can find prostitutes in bars from 20 €. They make the prices at the head of the customer and can go up to hundreds of euros if they find “pigeons”.

Netherlands girls

Netherlands brothels are one of the most popular places for young French people for its beautiful prostitutes and coffee shops. The famous Red Light District in Amsterdam is visited every year by millions of “tourists”.

Dutch women have a real charm and are quite charismatic. It is only natural that they appear in our ranking.

The price of prostitutes in the Netherlands depends on the location. In the shop windows, you can have fun for about 50 euros or even less. However, the pass is quite short and the prostitutes are very picky about the time allowed (max 10 minutes).

Ukrainian girls

Ukraine is one of the most courted countries to meet beautiful prostitutes with blond hair!

Prostitutes are mostly Ukrainian, unlike many Eastern European countries which welcome women from all over the world.

In Kiev alone, the number of prostitutes is estimated at 10 000. They work as prostitutes in the streets, in brothels or in their homes.

The price of prostitutes in Ukraine is 60 euros for one hour. The escorts ask for 200 €.

Prague girls

Czech Republic brothels are a veritable breeding ground for models and has a very large concentration of beautiful women who sell their bodies.

Prague is a true city of sex with a few hundred bars dedicated to prostitution.

You will have to pay a few dozen euros to offer yourself a Czech woman for half an hour.

Thai girls

Thailand is a real eldorado of prostitution and is courted by many French people during the summer period.

Thai women are very beautiful women for Asian lovers. You just have to be careful with the omnipresent ladyboys in the country.

The cost of a prostitute in Thailand does not exceed 20 € for a classic service.

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