Fkk brothel first time

Fkk brothel first time

First time in a brothel

In clubs, women want to earn money, they offer themselves to you and want to have sex with you to earn money. So the women often take an active role and put themselves in front of the man. For a first time client in a brothel, this can be a very unsettling situation.

Mistakes to avoid in a brothel

If you are not looking to take a step forward with a girl, you should reject all attempts at intimate contact. Talking for a few minutes, giving her a kiss to say hello are codes to show that you don’t want to go any further. On the other hand, kissing her, touching her hands or running your hand through her hair or playing “best friend” are codes for going further and considered sexual acts by brothel girls. If you want to be more intimate and have a good time without actually doing it, you will most likely have to take a bottle of wine to the bar and invite her because brothel girls get commissions on sales. These techniques are particularly practiced in some Fkk in Germany where the girls often push to consume.

In the brothel, it is not uncommon to see a client on a couch having sex with a girl after ten minutes of discussion without going through the room, the problem is that he does not want to pay anything claiming that the woman had done it easily but that he did not want too much. You can imagine that this naivety does not work and that as a sex professional the girl must be paid for the service. In a brothel all sex acts are work for the girls. You will have to put aside your Don Juan ego and not forget the basic principle and in which establishment you are.

How to have a good time in a brothel

For your first experience in a brothel it may be that the concept of time is a difficult thing to manage. Therefore, it can be extremely helpful for the newcomer not to take off his own watch in order to best manage the time with a girl. Remember that you have paid for a half hour service. Keeping the watch allows you to have your own view and, on the other hand, to indicate to the woman that you have full control of the timing. So if you go over the time limit you will be aware of it and avoid problems.

A respectful relationship between men and women is important for coexistence and this is also valid in brothels. Brothel girls do a job that gives pleasure to men, but this is not a reason to position yourself as an evil dominant disrespectful of women under the pretext that you have paid. Women in brothels should be treated in a friendly and respectful manner and remember that what you consider to be a game of seduction is just a business for them. Things must be discussed and negotiated beforehand like in any other business.