Sex in thin women

Sex in thin women

Women in sexual relations

Do you feel comfortable in your body and find yourself erotic? If so, then you can congratulate yourself! Unfortunately, this is not the case with most women. 51% would even give up sex for a full year if they were thin instead. That makes you think that so many women’s self-esteem depends on Libra!

Feel comfortable in your body

Is it any wonder we often feel pressured? Magazines and television show what the perfect woman should look like. We also see posters everywhere and are confronted with an often unreal ideal of beauty. We are filled with tips and tricks on dieting, perfect hairstyles and ideal makeup. In many women’s magazines, we find hip training plans to shape our “problem areas” (what a horrible word!). But no one praises us with this sentence: You are beautiful as you are!

What we wouldn’t do to look like a model! We diet, buy new clothes, go to the gym and get our hair done. What we often forget is that it’s not only by external beauty that we are attractive and sexy because charisma is much more important. Moreover, beauty is as relative as beauty ideals change.

Did you know that the sex bomb Marilyn Monroe wore size 42? But then nobody would have thought: “Wow, but she has a big ass!” Or?!? Nowadays, models weigh 23% less than the average, compared to 8% 20 years ago! In the meantime, there have been some encouraging initiatives in the fashion industry, including banning girls under 16 from the runway or even hiring so-called “plus-size models”. However, these are still exceptions – we still see very few women with feminine curves in the media.

Surprisingly, skinny models only appeal to about 10% of men… why are they targeted by 90% of women?

Men like women who like their bodies

What is particularly important for women during sex? That they feel completely comfortable because if they don’t feel too erotic and sexy, it will be reflected in their charisma. An essential prerequisite for sexual fulfillment is to accept and love your body as it is.

Some women even wonder which position is best during sex, so that the partner cannot see the cellulite features. They are constantly thinking about which position they think is best. In addition, many women permanently tuck their stomachs in to make themselves look as thin as possible. So it seems logical that women do not fall into this stream of thoughts.

How should a man find a woman’s body attractive if she does not like it? How should an erotic situation arise if she is constantly trying to conform?

You wonder what men really like? Sensual women who stand up for their femininity are not afraid to let go and also like messy hair. Men are also very visual, meaning they like to see something during sex. Therefore, let’s leave the light on because there is no reason to be ashamed!

Try to forget the ideal images of the media! Find out for yourself what is erotic for you and what you personally find sexy. Don’t lose sight of the fact that erotic does not only mean physical. Think about words, fantasies, looks, music and scents. Examine your personal preferences because the more you know about yourself, the more fulfilling your sexuality will be!

Tips to regain your beauty

Many women find it difficult to find themselves attractive and desirable if they do not conform to the common ideal of beauty. The result is a constant self-evaluation rather than loving treatment and appreciation. Say “YES” to yourself! Don’t give the media manipulation a chance and appreciate your uniqueness! They are great and beautiful just the way you are!

Tips to help women have sex

Pay attention to your thoughts. Ugly thoughts are ugly, but beautiful thoughts are beautiful!

– Accept the changes in your body!
– If you receive a compliment, accept it with a smile! Say “thank you” instead of looking for reasons why the compliment doesn’t apply.
– Write down at least 5 things you like about your body!
– In the morning, greet your reflection with the words, “I love you the way you are!” Avoid phrases like, “You look terrible again today!”

Article written by a female sexuality expert