Brothel new law

Brothel new law

The policy announces new laws for brothels and Fkk brothels

What does 2019 bring to sex?
The last few years have been quite turbulent and the government to announce new laws in the field of prostitution. Germany had repeatedly warned of future change with the EU. Many feminists have also tried with all their might to tackle prostitution. Fkk brothels and brothels have always been the focus of its opponents. For 2019, however, it can be said that prostitution will continue to be allowed. However, the possibility of a new ban in the years to come cannot be ruled out.

Brothels law evolution

The CDU is not satisfied with the new regulation. It is also questionable whether the EU agrees with this and does not ask for improvement. Nevertheless, there will be cuts in 2019. Girls who work on the street, in a brothel or any other form of paysex, will probably have to register in the future and receive proof in the form of a special pass. Also, some practices and marketing will be banned in the future, but for now the policy still allows sex in a brothel.

Condoms in brothels

Many brothels customers want to have sex without a condom, especially for oral sex. Until now, Austria is considered to be the country of dreams when it comes to condomless sex (AO). In Germany, however, politics has decided otherwise with the ban on unprotected sex. Bavaria is an example, because the ban on unprotected sex has been part of the hygiene order for years. It is difficult to see this law enforced and no one can control it. As the demand is high some women continue to offer this service. However, if you like to have sex, you should always use a condom. Brothels and fkk’s do their best to offer you free condoms. In addition, there are many places with self-service condoms.

Forced prostitution reinforcement of the law

Forced prostitution was also a key topic in the 2019 changes and politicians are focusing all their attention on this topic. In the fkk in Germany, since legalization some offenses have been devoiced and punished but it can be expected that forced prostitution will become a popular topic in the future and punished with heavy punishment. Women who can boast of this will be entitled to an (extended) residence permit in the future. This should make it especially popular among women who immigrate without permission from third countries. The girls who work in the Fkk brothels are all self-employed and declared workers who remain free of their working hours and practices.

The minimum age remains spongy. Furthermore, there is no new regulation in the fkk about the minimum age for prostitutes. For years there have been uncertainties. As a rule, every woman over 18 years of age (in Switzerland from 16 years) can work. However, there is special protection for 18 to 21 year olds. If women are recruited directly at this age, they can be prosecuted. In this case, it would have been wise to insert a clear rule to correct the uncertainties.

Deep throat blow job a sexist practice

In the future, brothels and similar facilities will have to be officially notified. This obligation should also be extended to the Internet side in the next few years. In addition to the obligation of official registration, a prior authorization for the opening should also be required. Thus, brothel owners are likely to change the operation of their brothel. Otherwise, there is not much new in prostitution. Above all, we are curious to know how the EU will react to the new regulation. Although this practice is legal in some countries, we should not be lax on the protection of women in this field of activity. A reinforcement of the law with a real follow-up seems to be a good alternative.