Amsterdam red light brothels

Amsterdam red light brothels

Red lights brothels

In Amsterdam red light district tourists find almost everything, from brothels and sex shops to restaurants and museums. It is often found in travel guides under the name De Wallen or also De Walletjes.

As the center of the city’s nightlife, nightclubs, bars and cafes are also lined up here. The neighborhood is characterized by scantily clad women in floor-to-ceiling windows and an open and tolerant attitude towards prostitution and pornography. There is much to discover, both during the day and at night, when the red lights come on.

Long tradition prostitution

In Netherland prostitution tradition is long and mainly characterized by tolerance. As early as the 17th century, sailors would come to the current red-light district to enjoy themselves after months of sailing. However, the ban on prostitution ensured that women could only offer their services in hidden rooms.

These were tolerated, as was prostitution in the gambling houses, which from the 18th century onwards provided beds for some ladies, increasingly turning into brothels. The ban was lifted in 1811, but overt prostitution was still not welcome and tended to take place behind closed doors.

In 2000, prostitution was legalized in Amsterdam – one of the first places in the world where this happened. An insight into the history of the world’s oldest trade can also be obtained in the Red Light Secrets, the museum of prostitution, in the Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60h.

Amsterdam red light district sex and fun

Since the legalization of prostitution, millions of pleasure-seeking tourists flock to the world-famous red light district of the Dutch capital every year. It is located near the central station, along the banks of the canals “Oudezijds Voorburgwal” and “Oudezijds Achterburgwal” . On a total area of approximately 6,500 square meters, there is much to do and discover:

First of all, it is worth mentioning that there is a whole series of guided tours in the leisure district. They include highlights and provide interesting information from a local perspective. Those who prefer to explore on their own can of course do so as well.

In daylight, the long, narrow cobblestone streets of the district become visible and the 14th century architecture leaves an impression. In the middle of the entertainment district stands the Oude Kerk (Old Church) – built in Gothic style and recognizable by its ornate tower, which can be seen from the central station. In Amsterdam you can also find first brothel without pimps.

Right in front of the old church is the Belle Statue, a bronze statue erected in honor of all the prostitutes of the world. It is the first and only monument of its kind in the world, designed by the artist Els Rijerse.

The walks along the canals, the restored facades and the mix of residents and trendy visitors are amazing. The old buildings and winding streets have a certain charm. During the summer months, the restaurants and live music invite you to linger. Café Pacifico, for example, is one of the first Mexican restaurants in Europe. The smell of marijuana is especially noticeable in the many cafés. In these, besides the green drug, coffee, tea and soft drinks can often be consumed comfortably – alcohol is prohibited.

Sexshop and brothels

A visit to the many sex shops is worthwhile in any case, even for those who do not intend to take souvenirs – here you will find accessories and curiosities suitable for every sexual preference. The most famous of these stores is probably the Condomery – whether it is more of a souvenir store or a museum, it’s up to everyone to decide. Also known as Het Gulden Vlies, the condom store has condoms in every color, shape, flavor and size imaginable. There are also many books and information on all aspects of contraception.

And for those who love exceptional museums, there is much more to discover: The Marijuana Museum provides an overview of the world of cannabis – from cultivation to consumption and medical use. Erotic sculptures, literature and drawings are waiting to be admired at the Museum of Eroticism. It welcomes its visitors with sexy animated films and is divided into different sections – one of them is dedicated to sadomasochism, for example.

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