FKK nudist or naked sauna club

FKK nudist or naked sauna club

he origin of the naturist movement is probably based on the knowledge of the healing properties of sea water. The FKK movement received the right impulse through the teaching of Prof. Dr. med. Samuel Gottlieb Vogel (1750-1837). FKK is the abbreviation of the German word “FreiKörperKultur (en)” which means “free body culture”. It is basically a term for nudist beaches in Germany, but it is also used for the German “Saunaclub“.

Origin of the nudist movement

As the personal physician of Friedrich Franz I and initiator of the foundation of the first German health resort, he demanded: “In the bath, bathing gowns are not advisable, because they prevent the proper use of them!”

Von Vogel also stated the following: “The fact that bathing in the lake makes infertile women fertile cannot be proved by the fact that many women from bathing resorts come back pregnant. On the other hand, there should be many more. This calls into question the fact that there can be female impotence, as well as male impotence by the simple fact of bathing in the sea. “

It was not until 1903 that the first nudist site in Germany, the Freilichtpark Klingberg near Scharbeutz, was founded. In Sylt in 1920, the first official nudist beach. The nudist movement develops very quickly, it becomes a mass movement. Numerous clubs and clubs emerge, especially near the big cities. At the end of the Weimar Republic, there are approximately 100 000 organized followers of the naturist.

The Fkk nudist more and more popular

In the 1930s, the naturist movement is completely prohibited. In connection with the aspired “defense” of the German people from 1935, the nudist has more and more interest for the state. The possibilities of authorization of individual clubs are again reviewed

After the Second World War, the naturist develops only timidly. Initially forbidden, it was accepted by the society from the middle of the 1960s and became an unorganized mass movement. Even in the former GDR, there were followers of naturism in all ages and all populations. But club formations were strictly forbidden, “wild” nudists were partly prosecuted. Eventually, the practice was tolerated and many “wild” swimming sites were legalized. In the mid-sixties, naturism was also part of the social leisure culture in the GDR.

Nowadays, you will find special naturist beaches in almost every major city on the Baltic coast. Naturism is normal and not only on the Baltic Sea. The only thing that drives people to practice nudism is the fact that nature gives us healing substances for the body.

Nudist beach on the Baltic Sea "FKK

Sparkling experience… Enjoy the refreshing sea all over your body with all your senses! Along the coast in all major cities of the Baltic Sea you will find beaches reserved for naturists. If you are afraid to go alone, you may well find yourself enjoying the pleasures of an escort girl. Nudist beaches are often natural beaches that are a little set back from the main bathing beaches. In most cases these beaches are not supervised by lifeguards.