G-spot in sex

G-spot in sex

How to find the G-spot in sex

Fortunately for the ladies, most men have known for a long time that women don’t come to orgasm so easily. There are techniques to spice up sex and have fun in bed.

The best positions to reach and stimulate orgasm

Good news for all women who want to find the perfect orgasm every time they have sex. To find the G-spot and have a guaranteed pleasure, the 10 Kamasutra positions are ideal. But what is the ideal position for an absolutely intense orgasm? It’s up to you and your partner to find out with this selection of sexual positions. So have fun, practice well and test all these positions.

Kamasutra the best G-spot positions for an ideal orgasm

Kamasutra the overturned horse

Reverse horse position. This position is perfect for the woman's lust. He is lying on his back, she is sitting astride her and bending her legs. If she bends over now, he can easily reach her G-spot.

Kamasutra the 99 position

This position is the best for stimulating the G-spot. The man lies in contact behind her with two right angles formed "one at the pelvis and one at the knees. The angle in which he penetrates is ideal in this position to trpuver the famous orgasm.

Kamasutra goddess position

This position is also for sex lovers. The woman sits on his lap facing him, for particularly intimate moments. Another advantage: he can caress her breasts, look at her and hear her come.

Kamasutra frog's position

With this position, the woman squats on his lap and turns her back to him. The advantage: he can determine the angle in which he enters, and direct it to where it is most exciting for them.

Kamasutra doggy style

She leans forward to be penetrated. The penetration is very deep in this position so her vaginal orgasm should be perfect, especially since her G-spot is also reached. He loves the beautiful view.

Kamasutra embracing vines

In this intimate position, the woman sits on his lap and they both embrace. Good for G-spot research: it can determine the depth of penetration and the angle depending on how it moves.

Kamasutra the macho doggy style

With this position the woman shows you where to go and that's why this position is also perfect to pamper the erogenous zones. The man lies on his back and the woman sits on him from behind.

Kamasutra the position of Andromache

The man is lying on his back and the woman is sitting on top of him, casually leaning back. Again, he sets the tempo, rhythm, depth and angle. Of course, this will be a pure treat for you. Because if she leans back so far that she has to support herself with her hands, he hits her G-spot

Kamasutra the deckchair

The man sits comfortably on a chair or armchair. The woman sits on his lap and then puts her two legs on his shoulders to the right and left. Perfect for stimulating the G-spot. With this position the entry angle should be "very precise".

Kamasutra drunken boat

To reach and stimulate her G-spot, she simply lies on her back and stretches her legs in the air. He kneels down in front of her and enters. Then he lifts her slightly by the legs to find the perfect angle to make her happy.

Kamasutra a sexual manual for orgasm

The book Kama Sutra is considered one of the most influential works of fiction in world cultural history on the subject of erotic love. “Kama” is the ancient Indian word for “love”, “Sutra” means “manual, guide”. The manual is a real guide to erotic and sexual behavior, describing very detailed and pragmatic positions for men and women. The images are very detailed for the technical practice of “yoni” (vagina) and “lingam” (penis).

The Kamasutra is the oldest Hindu manual of erotic love. It is a book on the art of living, on choosing a partner, on marriage and adultery, on the life of a courtesan, on drug use and on sexual intercourse. The sex guide contains over 2 million pages found on the web under the heading “Kamasutra”. This book has become a kind of unprotected trademark.

According to the ancient Indian moral teachings, man’s life serves a threefold purpose (Trivarga): the pursuit of the good (Dharma), the useful (Artha) and the pleasant (Kama). Love has the same meaning as religious virtue and the pursuit of earthly goods. In the first place, Kama is generally the pleasure-oriented relationship of the five senses with objects, then in a broader context, any enjoyment of the senses and finally: the enjoyment of love.

The Kamasutra is a manual that considers the art of love as part of the art of living. Eroticism and sexuality in man occupy a special position in ancient India, neither in a positive nor in a negative sense. They were considered an integral part of human existence.

The Kamasutra combines two elements that have never really come together in the Western tradition: the soul and the body.

Kamasutra sex et culture du corps

Dans certaines des positions les plus complexes du Kama Sutra, nous, Européens, nous demandons déjà comment plier son corps si anormalement tout en appréciant le sexe. Cela s’explique par le fait que beaucoup de positions raffinées sont empruntées au hatha yoga. Pour un corps formé au yoga.

Si nous examinons d’anciennes illustrations ou des dessins du Kamasutra nous avons rapidement l’impression qu’il faut être un acrobate ou un artiste de cirque pour pouvoir pratiquer ces positions. De ce fait, nous passons à autre chose en pensant”Bien que je sis une femme qui aime le sex je suis trop maladroite ce n’est pas pour moi!” Une certaine flexibilité appartient certainement aux positions différentes mais certaines positions sont facillement réalisables pour atteindre de nouveaux plaisirs et un orgasme.