Fetish in a brothel

Fetish in a brothel

Fetish in a brothel dream or reality

Ethics is in. In the past, paint, latex and leather were considered not very reusable. Meanwhile, there are public discussions about sexual fantasies in the fetish area. More and more people want to try it out and have almost no problems with contact on this subject

Fetish, a fashionable sexual practice

This trend has faded somewhat in the sauna clubs. There most club owners have literally banned this practice. The sauna club is managed in recent years according to the boring principle instead of giving way to new concepts and ideas. If the pleasures of sex toys have become commonplace in our society, fetish parties are still taboo.

More and more visitors are also specifically looking for the implementation of fetish fantasies. This is not necessarily due to the girls in the club who are receptive to these practices but also to the furniture and accessories of the brothels that are not adapted to these types of practices.

Why no fetish party in a brothel

A special thought and accusation to the many operators of the different types of Fkk and sauna clubs. Show your creativity, create new concepts and, above all, create something new. This is the demand of many customers. Because a problem appears in many houses. The regular customers are getting older. Younger men come only sporadically, but often remain as regular customers.

Fetish parties can be a first step in responding to trends. Every second person wants to have sexual fetish experiences, especially when visiting the sauna club, but sometimes women are not prepared for this. Nevertheless, there are exceptions in some brothels. On the other hand, there are modern houses that have also disavowed this trend.

An brothel evening without fetish

There are a lot of events in the suans clubs but it has nothing to do with the fetish. Some owners are afraid to lose their loyal customers. A fetish party is misinterpreted by the managers of the establishments. With a little hindsight it would be quite possible to organize fetish parties in brothels and clela could even seduce and attract many lovers. The fetish can be experienced easily and introduced gently without disturbing the regular customers. Another problem is the tightening of the law on prostitution, which has made events in the sauna club a little more difficult. So group sex and gang bang can no longer be offered, which is part of the fetish in some versions.

Fetish night in a brothel

There are some sex party organizers who focus on the fetish and thus bring the saunaclub customers full satisfaction. But this does not necessarily have to be placed in the dark zone, but rather make room for a world of exceptional sexual desires. A common misconception is that fetishism is only about paint, leather and masks. This event can be chosen with dancing, flirting, shows and naughty girls. Blow jobs and other practices can be combined with sensory and guessing games.

Vinyl and leather customers of brothels disappointed

There are more and more enthusiasts for fetishism. Hardliners rely mainly on paint, leather and latex. But in a sauna club, this fantasy is often difficult to implement. Many lovers are disappointed and would like to see club owners gain courage and offer this type of evening to these visitors